Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Episode 5

Episode 05

-You Can’t Do Something Like That!
My Idea of Reality Gets Screwed Up When I’m With You-


NEXT takes your typical harem to the NEXT level with the best episode in the season, and series, so far.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a feeling of excitement in me throughout the majority of an episode of this. In fact I’m not sure I ever have before now. Yozora’s hints towards her “plan” aren’t so subtle any more, as she bites her finger after ‘screwing up’ by making Yukimura look cuter rather than more like a man. Of course putting a cute girl into a butler outfit isn’t going to make Kodaka fall for her indefinitely, but Yozora is worried. I think. The funny thing about it is how Rika makes reference to Mayo Chiki, saying Yukimura is like the female lead from it. Although the slight twist was hilarious; she gets covered in mayonnaise whenever the male lead makes contact with her. I love references in anime, or video games, but when they change things like that it’s even funnier. I’d imagine an anime about a girl getting covered in mayonnaise would sell rather well in Japan. I do feel sorry for Yukimura though. Wanting to actually BE a guy is pretty sad. It’s unusual how nobody has actually sympathised or said anything to her. I’d imagine Kodaka, even though he is dense, would have been able to at least try to persuade her not to aim to be a guy. Regardless, she looks better in the butler costume, or maybe it’s just the hair.

Yozora ends up playing one of those visual novel dating games that Rika plays, but does it completely wrong. Well it isn’t so much wrong, it’s just uncommon. Instead of taking the chances to date any of the guys in the game, she decides to grind her stats to the maximum and become the ‘perfect’ character. This is where it gets pretty deep. After eventually liking a guy she meets in the game, who seems to resemble Kodaka slightly in personality, she starts to date him. Before I discuss how I feel about what happens next; Rika, Sena, & Yozora, all recognise the character is like Kodaka, and they all took notice when Kodaka pointed out bad points about him. They all fit Kodaka, and all 3 of the girls knew it. If that isn’t the most obvious “I like you” from all 3 of them, then I don’t know what else needs to happen. I’ve given up. GIVEN UP. Nothing will open Kodaka’s dense mind, unless they openly confess. Anyway, at the end of the game Yozora’s character ends up intelligent and successful, but also lonely. Rika points out it’s because she didn’t date any of the other guys, talk to other characters, and she has no friends. Yozora realises this is exactly what she’s doing in real life. It’s obvious that she’s trying to get with Kodaka, but she’s also mean to everyone else. If she doesn’t start treating other people decently, and making other friends, then even if she gets Kodaka’s attention; they won’t be together. I really hope she sees what she’s doing fully, and changes her attitude. It’s okay acknowledging it; but she needs to change. I highly doubt she’ll start treating Sena properly, but if she does, then great.

I’m saying it right now though, I’m KodakaxRika. Not only is she the best character personality wise, but she also actually tells Kodaka that she wants his attention. Plus she’s hilarious in this episode. The way she acts is so un-typical-girl like, and that’s great. I can’t stand it when the main falls for a girly girl. Disgusting. She manages to do some crazy things though, and tells Kodaka she purposely tries to get his attention, namely by changing her hair style. Disappointed that he doesn’t take notice, she does some sort of hilarious act. Gotta love that Rika. If Kodaka isn’t dating Rika at the end, I’ll be slightly disappointed, but it’s unlikely he’ll be with anyone at all, never mind Rika, which is a shame. If he does have to be with Sena or Yozora, I’d choose Sena right now. While she may be smart yet lack common sense, she’s a lot nicer than Yozora, personality wise. Rika also dyes her hair which is awesome. She looks really good with blonde + pigtails, although it was hard getting used to and kinda looked like a wig. It didn’t help that in the next scene she’d dyed it yet again to black. That also looked pretty nice, but I’m all for unique and new, so that’s most likely why I preferred it to her original hair. You can tell an anime sucks when the topic being discussed is someone dyeing their hair.

Time for the big guns of this episode! After Kodaka suggests Rika invests something interesting like a time machine, she goes out and actually does that. Rika sets it to bring him back after 5 minutes, and Kodaka is sent “back in time”. Of course he goes back to the day before he last sees Yozora, and tells her he’s sorry that he won’t see her for another ten years. During the scene Yozora goes crazy and doesn’t forgive him, and turns into some horse headed monster. He wakes up back in the present, and Rika tells him it was actually a sleep assistant with hypnosis, so he could pretty much dream about whatever he wanted, which is why he thought he’d been sent back in time. Now this is the interesting part; during the end of the, which is now a dream, he shouts Yozora’s name. Obviously the others heard him shout this, so they’re all confused when he says the dream was 10 years ago. Which is when they question him, and the episode ends. Wow. Yozora looked pretty upset, and Kodaka was shocked. I really do hope this goes somewhere, and it doesn’t just wash off in the next episode. If it does just wash off, then the decision to make it a dream really was a waste. It was pretty deep and emotional, so I genuinely thought this might be real and have some impact on the present time; but no, it didn’t. Other than that, the secret is out, sort of, almost. I can’t wait to find out how amazing the next episode is going to be. I’m way too optimistic for this show.


2 thoughts on “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Episode 5

    • As far as the comedy goes, yeah. The tiny bits of story it’s throwing out at the moment are actually making me think it has potential too.

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