Hunter x Hunter Episode 64 & 65

Strengthen x And Threaten


For all of you amateur nen’o’logists out there, heaven is a place on Earth. Sadly my Earth also has a lot of suck in it, so what you’re getting this time is the low budget 5 minute version of my blog posts.

Or was supposed to be anyway, but I got a little too enthusiastic. Guess 66 will have to wait a little longer.

Strengthen x And x Threaten can essentially be divided in to two entirely different halves, well encapsulating the two sides HxH displays prominently.

First off the romance driven adventurousness portion, often the case with Gon and Killua in the spotlight. A lot of what I hear here is good bunch of satisfying confirmation on what I’ve been thinking about Greed Island, in particular to it being a sort of Nen training ground. My illusion of Ging being a jerk blinded me from the possibility of it being specifically made for Gon (who is currently deriving heaps of joy from his current training with Biscuit) so the guy might not be so bad after all. One can still dream though. The two boys show their nifty skill of progressing in leaps and bounds, conquering the creatures they had trouble with not long ago. After which we then move on to another session of Nen lessons. Yes. YES.

The technique the boys discovered last episode goes by the name of Ko, concentrating all of the principles of Nen and the application of Gyo to any location on the body. Neat. Ko allows for some immense displays of strength, while on the flipside leaves the user vulnerable where their aura isn’t concentrated. Next comes Ken, which takes the idea of Ko, but attempting to apply to ones whole body. Naturally it doesn’t provide the same power Ko does, but in general seems to be and is a whole deal more practical. Sweet. The next logical step is to take Gyo back in to the picture, and use it to delegate the amount of aura distributed across the body eg. 70% to fist, 30% everywhere else. ‘Course, this comes with its own name as well: Ryu. Awesome. Lastly, as Biscuit has finally fixed her hair into a cute ponytail, we arrive at more specific Hatsu related training. This time we only get around to Gon’s Enhancer quality, which gets suitably simple training in the form of smashing rocks. Riveting.

We also get a curious sort of tidbit on the nature of Rock-Paper-Scissors, which Gon takes a keen shine to. Seeing as its described as a type of ancient martial art… I think we found Gon’s next source of inspiration, guys!

The second half heads back to the fellowship in the cave, inching ever closer to their goal. But what’s this? The devious looking guy from the opening reveals himself to be the Bomber?

Σ(⊙□⊙ メ)

Σ(⊙□⊙ メ)

Σ(⊙□⊙ メ) Σ(⊙□⊙ メ) Σ(⊙□⊙ メ) Σ(⊙□⊙ メ) Σ(⊙□⊙ メ)

Nature of the reveal ASIDE, we take on the darker side of HxH along with creative applications of Nen. Revealing himself to the entire group, it doesn’t take long for the guys to get antsy. But as soon as one strikes, he’s greeted with a face full of EXPLOSION. And simple as it is, his power Little Flower explodes everything he grabs. And as cool as that sounds, it’s not particularly strong, leaving the live demonstration guy still alive, albeit with a now smoldering face. His real power though, it’s much more impressive and curiously complex. What first appears to be stupid villain habit of explaining ones powers turns into a vital mechanic in how they work.

To set the bombs: Touch a target while saying the keyword “Bomber”. (Note: Mr.Bomber revealed his secret only minutes ago and is already cycling through his vast range of totes insane expressions. Poor guy, keeping all of that bottled in for 5 whole years)

To disarm the bombs: Touch the Bomber, his name is Genthru apparently, and say the key phrase “I caught the Bomber”. This is where his Little Flower ability comes in, providing explosions to all of those who come too close. Clever little way of covering for weaknesses.

To arm the bombs: Explain to victims exactly how the bombs work. SO COOL.

Now, there’s no doubt about these bombs being massive body incinerating works of art, but what I like here is that even without it being explained, we know at this point why this ability Countdown is much stronger than Little Flower. It takes back to the same principle Kurapika based his powers on, meaning their condition for working. Now, while I don’t know if Genthru has some sort of punishment in place if he manages to screw up his ability somehow, but he does certainly make his ability difficult to apply conventionally. The complexity of using the ability, the conviction of using it only once the certain requirements are met tie directly with Nen, your life force, and strengthens the power of the ability greatly. Comparatively, Little Flower has little to it, thus lacking the inner conviction Nen needs to make it much more powerful. With Countdown in place, threatening the lives of the entire group proves exceedingly easy, and hey, here comes his objective of running off with all of the cards they’ve painstakingly acquired.

Deliciously evil.

Puhat is also dead now. Darn.

Evil Fist x And x Rock-Paper-Scissors 


And now so are the rest, sans one. Darn it. Better luck next time Bomber.

Straight off the end of the last episode, the Phantom Troupe has found their way to Greed Island. As in, its real world location. Naturally however, the game has its own protective measures against this sort of behavior. In case people would find themselves lost at sea, they’d have no way of approaching the island as it naturally guides potential visitors away. And when you have a particularly tricky bunch like the spiders, we get our very own game masters to take care of the mess. Lo and behold Razor, local master Emitter and beefcake abattoir. Using his admin privileges, he sends the spiders on their way, igniting Phinks desire for a fight. Let’s see if anything comes of this once they come back legitimately, or if we’re bound for another anti-climax a la Hisoka.

More interesting regarding the spiders though? We just found primary objectiv-hey, did the spruce up the opening a little? That little scene with Killua and his electric tricks wasn’t there before, was it?… Why didn’t we do that with the Bomber?

Gon and Killua, curiously like last episode, continue to make progress seem like it ain’t no thang. Gon, clearly having taken a liking to rock-paper-scissors idea, has adopted the skills to his own fighting style. Rock being a straight up Enhancer punch, paper a blast of Emitter energy from his palm (still in development), and scissor a Transmuter blade meant for cutting (N/A). Gotta say, suits him. And considering the nature of Nen and hatsu techniques, the personal link likely levels their power up quite a bit. Killua meanwhile shows his sparky sparkles to prove he was already at this stage of development, thanks to his harsh childhood. Not that he said anything of the like, but Biscuit has years of experience behind and picks up on it. Indeed, it’s a wonder Killua is as childlike as he is, and without Gon, he would very much be a different person now. It’s no wonder he’s as thankful to Gon as he is, recognizing his alternative future very clearly. Naturally, he compliments Gon’s rashness perfectly as well, making an inseparable combo for the ages.

Killua is off to take the Hunter Exam, seeya later!

That’s a sort of development I didn’t see coming. With Killua’s experience, not quite sure anything will come of it on his side, but maybe Gon will have to deal with being on his lonesome (+ Biscuit) for a little bit. But as if noting the lack of human contact (besides Biscuit), here comes one of the Bomber’s lucky winners, a guy apparently named Abengane. He informs the two of the Bomber, telling them all he knows and urging them to take vengeance. Gon, with his stance on the extra violence which takes place on Greed Island, answers his plight immediately. But the guy himself? As he leaves, suddenly he doesn’t particularly care anymore, as long as he got to tell somebody. This, I assume is due to his Nen ability, which doesn’t take long to ring alarm bells. In many ways.

What we have here is a very special ability of Nen removal.  Not only is it a suitably gruesome ability, it also happens to be one the spiders, particularly Chrollo, are hunting for. Abengane confirms it to be a Conjurer ability, and it seems that while it can suppress even the most dangerous Nen, the level of danger equates with the size of the… beast… which latches itself onto your body. So while it can prevent one from suffering the consequences of the Nen attack, for example blowing up, it leaves you with something equally cumbersome. But it lets you live, so it’s favorable plus if you manage to get rid of the Nen’s original user, the monster leaves as well. So it explains why Abengane told Gon what he did, hoping he may spread word leading to the Bomber’s defeat. Until then though, he must go into hiding from the Bomber, which consequently means the spiders are less likely to learn of him. Win-win, I guess?

So Abengane gets to live. The rest die though, don’t worry about that. Genthru gets his cards, breaks his end of the deal, and it’s as sweet as that. Not as explodey as I could have hoped for, but it gets the message across, I feel. And as the episode comes to a close, Gon and Biscuit purchasing the cards the slain cave fellowship have now returned into circulation, we end with what we started with; a display of emitter skills. Nice to show us that while what Gon has currently isn’t impressive, master class Emitters can truly bring the heat. And by the time Killua comes back, hopefully Gon has something to show for it.

Now with the Bomber plot line past its intro stage, we may be heading out of training territory soon. It’s been fun, don’t get me wrong, but I’m real curious on where this’ll head next, especially with somebody like Razor around behind the scenes. Not only is he absolutely strong, he could provide some sort of link to Ging himself. Although Ging did say the game would have nothing of the sort in it, so if Gon ever does come across Razor to question him, Ging the Jerk King likely has him on tight lip orders.

Onward, ho!


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