JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Episode 18

Stroheim’s Counterattack

Jojo sure knows how to smooth talk Suzy Q. Alls you need to do is ask for compliments, and then tell her you’ll kiss her all over the place with your burnt, sexy lips. Score for Jojo as she runs away after saying he’s cute. Seriously, how can you resist this face?

Joseph decides to wait by Lisa Lisa’s door, as he waits for her to finish her bath. Our little buddy here comes up with a devious plan. He decides it’s a great idea to stare in the keyhole and watch her.

He quickly notices that Suzie Q is in there, even though she was out by the docks, sending a certain package to switzerland. He’s kinda baffled and notices somethings up with her. I guess it’s a good thing to watch a woman bathe sometimes. Perverts can save lives! Though, everything goes from pervy Jojo, to gorey nastiness. Ewwwww. This has probably been the most disturbing scene in the anime. Top scene has to be in Stardust Crusaders on the Orangutan ship. Hot damn did that make me cringe.

Jojo also knows how to trick people. Or at least try. Since he’s got his little crush on Suzie Q, he told ACDC that he’ll kill a woman if it meant he’d save everyone else. The entire build up to punch him was fabulous, and then his little twirl with a “I CAN’T HIT THAT FACE”. Lisa Lisa, Caesar, and Joseph all agree it’s time that they take ACDC down, and kill Suzie Q. Jojo always has something up his sleeve, and used a Positive/Negative technique with Caesar to force ripple pressure in her to get ACDC out? Poor Suzie Q, getting mixed into all of this.

Now that she’s back and aware of things, they interrogate her about where she sent the Stone of Asia. Finding out it’s in Switzerland, and leaving out the best part where they go beating up mail men to find it at local post offices. I was a little upset they left that part out. At least they kept in all the adorable love between those two love birds. They go out on an adventure to Switzerland, and we meet Cars. He was waiting for a call from ACDC. He’s definitely got a soft spot. Since, he saves a puppy from getting hit by a car. Alls he does is cut the guys arms off from the wheel. Haha.

We meet back with our fellow Nazi friends! They’ve been stalking the gang for weeks now, and got the Stone of Asia from them. Leaving them with an option to talk about what’s going on. I guess Jojo couldn’t tell it was Stroheim because he witnessed his death? C’mon Jojo, get your head together. We all know you’re buddy buddy with one Nazi.


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