Hunter x Hunter Episode 67

15 x 15


50 down, 50 more to go. With speed of that caliber, our dream team is ready to show Greed Island who’s boss.

As the boys continue to get down and dirty to catch-up in card count, the other players of Greed Island secure their own collections while making their way to the finish line. It’s a clever decision to put both Gon and Killua learning the ropes alongside experts such as Genthru and Tsezguerra, displaying both elementary basics and advanced strategy in neat little package. The arc, for all it’s worth, has at this point been largely focused on training Nen under Biscuit. Only with the past few episodes have we been expanding on the parts which compose the whole of Greed Island, as well as the remaining players who have a shot at claiming the final prize. All in name of the now approaching showdown with Genthru and his two bomber buddies, only mere cards away from the big “one oh oh”.

Honestly? I’m kind of surprised Genthru’s plan went off without a hitch. Not because of any failures in their plan, but I always figured Tsezguerra to be fairly competent. The kind of guy who was always on-guard, like the Bombers said last episode. What a let down. Not to take any points away from Genthru; they were up against a capable opponent and their gambit paid off. The fake goons provided visible recognition of their presence yet were far enough to avoid recognition of foul play, the Risky Dice rolls paid off, and most importantly they stole all the monopolized cards they needed. Even in failure Tsezguerra keeps his cool though, devising a final line of defense. Namely, monopolizing the only card any player has yet to find: #2, “Strip of Beach”.

It’s all fine and good to see the big boys play the game, but seeing Gon and Killua bounce ideas off each other as they discover the intricacies of the game is far more entertaining. Gon’s bright inquisitiveness coupled with Killua’s sharp mind and inherent shrewdness, something about their chemistry just… works. One of those “as natural as day and night” feelings. It’s especially apt actually, since even when their both great on their own, together they blend into an amazing combo. Case in point, Gon’s questioning on how cards are still available in such abundance. Despite being a game for Hunters, a vast majority of the players aren’t up to snuff and aren’t interested in collecting cards any longer. All they want to do is leave, yet getting Leave cards is generally up to money and luck. Thus Killua’s revelation! With a monopoly/stash of Leave cards, you can easily trade for restricted slot cards. YES! That’s right! You two are spot-on and you ROCK for being so smart!

There’s something so neat in seeing a thought process in motion.


This necklace is pretty handy too; part lie detector and part curer of diseases.

So with the trio fast on track, it’s time for them to conjoin with the running plot. With Genthru so close to completion, other expert teams are starting to get just a little bit antsy. What else is there to do but form an alliance of top contenders, with our trio barely qualifying. And the plan? Straight-up copy of Tsezguerra’s. It’s simple stuff, but we’re fed some curious little tidbits along with more lovely interaction for the boys. While Killua is without question the brains of the two, Gon has that human touch that resonates with others. Killua’s approach to the alliance is by no means wrong. In fact, with the only other large-scale alliance we’ve seen transpire on Greed Island end as it did, taking the cautious approach is one of the few things that can keep you alive in this world. Unending honesty carries severe risks, and Killua is all about not having Gon suffer those consequences. But when honesty resonates with others, they repay in kind. Knowledge of the Bomber’s abilities, particularly the fact that he’s already enacted the first deadly step on you, was a quick turnaround for one of the alliance members who questioned the kids’ usefulness.

Taking the meeting from a more technical point of view though, we’ve got some explicit and implicit nuggets of info. Most important o of which is the exploitation of spell cards. Typically you would use one by saying either the spell name or inserting the card into the book and pressing select. However with a card like Steal, you can insert the card into the book and view a list of players without ever pressing select, thus not using up the card. Not all of this info is gonna be useful and is probably there purely to satisfy Togashi’s geekery, but at the same time any of it could become relevant as an important point of strategy. Running out of cards at the crucial moment would suck, after all.

The other piece of info on the other hand satisfies my inner geek. See, I found it intriguing how the game recognizes certain people as teams. It’s for this reason why the alliance can’t monopolize #75. Being a card acquired through an event, every team can naturally only get one #75. The event for #2 takes the entire team aspect, and requires a minimum of 15 people to initiate the quest. For this to happen, one needs to travel to Soufrabi with an Accompany spell carrying at least that 15 people, meaning the spell recognizes who travels with it and thus engages the event. So naturally this is how the whole team aspect works; those who’ve taken part in events and have used cards with each other are then labelled as a team.

Totally pointless info. But I love it so

I’m stoked to see how this alliance plays out though. We’ve got one member who stands out from the rest, Goreinu, who coincidentally was the only member to not have come from a team. Who knows what his deal is. But the road to #2 puts the alliance up against a group of pirates led by none other than a man named Razor. Seems we’ve got a group trial on our hands with the buff admin overseeing it all. And beyond that, if the alliance doesn’t fall through and succeeds in getting the card, Genthru’s team now has a clear target to destroy. And that’s without speaking of any involvement from Tsezguerra and co. as well as the Spiders and the lovely Hisoka.

He’s gonna be naked next episode. (⊙‿⊙✿)


3 thoughts on “Hunter x Hunter Episode 67

  1. Also one more thing (this is kinda random), but when do you think we’ll be able to get a hand on Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge movie? I’m DYING to see that 😀

    • Oh man, that could be a while. Besides a possible cam rip popping up online somewhere, the DVD’s gonna be a few good months at least before it pops up. Even more time for an English version, unless we get lucky somewhere along the line. The whole Chimera Ant arc is probably gonna start up before we have Phantom Rouge in our hands, so don’t got holdin’ your breath man.

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