JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Episode 19

Race To the Cliffs of Death

Stroheim is back in business! He got an extreme nazi makeover, turning into a cyborg. He made sure to up his strength and have tons of little gadgets in his body. Including a machine gun.

Cars has come forward seeking the Red Stone of Asia. Coincidentally, he finds Joseph and everyone else as well. Cars first meets Stroheim, and finds out about his stomach machine gun. Cars being himself, is unaffected by the bullets. He takes none of Stroheims shit and starts cutting up all the bullets with his arm blades. His arm blades are pretty much chainsaws, at a very high speed. Stroheim was rather, in awe with the fact Cars just chopped up every single bullet. With that opening, he cut Stroheim in half.

Stroheim ends up using an ultra violet beam to knock the Stone of Asia out of Cars’ hand. Leaving a race between Cars, and Joseph to go after it. We get Josephs lovely running style. The both of them race, and Cars believes he knows what Jojo is planning. Put he was wrong as Joseph kicked snow at him, and grabbed the stone. Cars just comes back with stabbing him in the shoulder to not fall. I don’t get where Jojo comes up with his ideas off the top of his head, but using icicles as a rope was really smart. Cars is such a sweetheart even though he’s the bad guy. I mean, he avoids falling on flowers by smashing himself against the cliff? and gives off a hilarious laugh.

Joseph finally realizes how much of a dick he is after teasing a cat with salmon and kicking it. They’ve finally found out where Cars is staying. Since it’s the day time, everyone thinks it’s a great idea to go rush in right away. When it’s really not because they’ll get attacked. Wham and Cars are waiting for them to jump in during the day. Jojo was the only one thinking properly at went against it. This left Caesar upset because he wants to avenge his father. They both get hot headed, get into a pretty cool fight, and then Caesar heads off to the mansion himself. Everyone, get your tissues and ice cream ready for episode 20.

Sorry about this late post, I’ve been distracted this week with school work and what not. I’ll have episode 20 up later today.


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