JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Episode 20

Caesar’s Lonely Youth

“Joseph screams Caesar’s name. Lisa Lisa sheds tears of sorrow. Yet no matter how much they call out to Caesar, no answer returns. Caesar is dead, and the silence drives this home for JoJo and Lisa Lisa.”

This episode is the start of the final fights. That will be pretty amazing. I was looking forward to this episode, as well as dreading it. I didn’t want to see my favorite character fight to his death. After he got hit with the holy sandstorm it was really sad to watch him try and beat Wham up. Using up his last strength to grab the ring, and his final ripple to pass onto Joseph. Now we’ll have a vengeful Lisa Lisa and Joseph to bring out some splendid battles. The Chariot Race is next which is really exciting.

Let’s rewind real fast. We start off this episode by learning Caesars past. How his father left him, and his family took the money that was left for Caesar. So he grew up as a thug. Getting by, by beating people up and just being some street trash. Until he saw his father one day. He was planning on beating his father up, until he learned something. He’s a good man, saving Caesar. Without even knowing that was his son. He watched his father die in front of him. With his final words of “Go to Venice and see Lisa Lisa” Where he learns everything about his past.

The next few battles are going to be pretty awesome. They’re going to deliver a ton of action with Cars. It leaves me really excited for the next few weeks. With how fast things are going, I’m starting to wonder about part 3. We only have enough to go for 3 or 4 more episodes. I’ll be really excited if they start off Stardust Crusaders! The only thing we can do for now is to wait and see.


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