Tamako Market Episode 7

She went to be a Bride

Tamako Market episode 7

There’s another member of the Mochiyucky family in Usagi Mountain?! … This can’t end well.

Overall, my thoughts on this episode are very neutral, and that’s purely because there really was not much plot to it at all. There was just a few little things that happened here and there, nothing really made me laugh, but I feel like this episode was purely to help us learn more about this new mysterious face in Usagi Mountain and more about Dela himself, who is still much of a mystery too, and that this is all going to lead up to something big soon. So in that way, I kind of enjoyed meeting the new character and I kind of enjoyed learning a bit more of the back story on some of the characters in this episode.

As this episode name suggests, love is in the air, but only for some. To be honest, the character love is in the air for really… Isn’t a main character, so it was kind of pointless if I’m honest. They should have really named the episode something else, but oh well.

At the beginning, we see a strange looking girl, clad in foreign clothes standing in the Kitashirakawa household hallway, with a whistle of some sort. It’s the girl that was seen in the messages sent for Dela! At first I felt like this really couldn’t end well, I thought that this girl would end up enduring a brawl with Anko or something as she protected Tamako from this strange girl, but then I realised this is Tamako Market, and they’re all as thick as a brick in this anime, and really would just shrug it off and let the girl into the house. Which is exactly what they did.

It seems when the girl blew the strange pipe or whistle, Dela reacted to it… Actually, as the family all gather around the kotatsu for breakfast, it turns out the girl  is “related” to Dela… Her name is Choi. Choi Mochiyucky. I did actually think a huge fight was about to begin by this point, the look on Tamako’s father’s face, he was so close to yelling at her, but nope. What confused me at first is… The girl is a human… And Dela is a bird. I’m um. A bit confused. BUT NO. I have no idea why Dela has the last name Mochiyucky, to be honest, I’m not sure if I wanna know, but let’s just assume that’s the name of the royal family, because actually, Dela WAS a royal bird, and Choi-chan is a fortune teller. She uses the power of the “royal birds” (seriously, what kind of messed up country is this?!) to help tell the future. Well… Why’d she tell the future is unknown to me for the power of the whole country apart from to see if war was incoming or whatever, but apparently she uses it to tell the dates for events. How Tamako Market-y and sweet~! Anyway, Tamako and Anko seem really happy they have a new friend staying at the house, and not an annoyance at that: Choi seems to be a very sweet character (I mean they gotta always have the one “oddball” character as such to keep the anime “alive” as such), and I quite like her so far… But Dela seems to be afraid of her, but maybe that’s because she’s so strict and harsh on him.

Tamako and Anko go off out to school, leaving Choi with Dela, which really can’t end well, seeing as Choi and Dela have a weird love-hate relationship going on (love for the fact she actually made the effort to go out and find him, hate because he’s such an annoyance)… Or maybe is Choi a little bit of a tsundere? Of course, now that Dela is very… Overweight, for a bird, Choi isn’t very happy, and because Dela has put on so much weight, it means she can’t tell the fortunes. Oh, well you can probably guess what’s gonna happen here then, hm? I already had it in my mind as to what was gonna happen next. Looks like Dela’s gonna have to stick to a very strict diet, consisting of bird food and NOT mochi. You would have thought by his name he would HATE mochi. I am so happy that Choi is here. She’s really gonna shape Dela up, which is what he needs… Both physically and mentally. It’s like Mochizou’s dad and Tamako’s dad constant quarrelling!

Well… Choi seems confused as to why Dela is so overweight. And of course, you know Dela being this mischievious creature he is… He makes up a bunch of lies, saying Tamako FORCED him to eat the mochi, forced him to work for the mochi shop, etc etc. I mean, Choi’s got common sense – something which most people in Tamako Market lack – but I never thought she would actually FALL for Dela’s lies. I mean… You really cannot trust a fat, crazy, talking bird that has an addiction to mochi… At least, I wouldn’t.

Back home, Choi decides to help clean the mochi shop as a way of paying back the Kitashirakawa family for letting her stay there. As Tamako arrives home, she sees Choi fast asleep on the porch. She wakes her up, and decides to invite Choi for a walk around the shopping district and for something to eat. I mean, REALLY. Choi, you can obviously see that this girl, Tamako, has hardly any malevolence to her at all. She’s so outgoing and carefree… Do you really think Tamako’s got a dark side to her?

As they walk about the shopping district, Tamako and Choi are spoiled rotten with food and all sorts of gift from the local shopkeepers. Because Choi was gullible enough to believe Dela’s lies, she starts getting all defensive and on guard, and feels like they are all conspiring against her. Meaning… Dela has to quickly cover up Choi’s sudden actions so they don’t start questioning him… Dela, you really ought to watch out. One slip and I think Tamako’s dad might actually kick you out the house for being so rude to Tamako and his family. Choi decides to demonstrate some of her fortune telling skills to the shopping district… And actually, she manages to tell the fortunes correct every time. Which could only mean one thing… How… Predictable. The fortune telling is pretty much what the whole episode is pretty much supposed to be based on, and the arrival of the new eccentric character Choi. Again, I kinda feel this wastes time trying to develop other characters who still seem to be a bit of a mystery, but I feel like Choi has got a big role to play in the future episodes… I think I can predict what’s probably going to happen at the end of the series anyway (and I’d love to hear what some of your predictions are too).

Choi, Tamako and Anko all take a trip to the baths together, so Dela has to behave today… Although, Choi doesn’t really understand the concept of just walking so freely and naked with other people and taking baths with other people, and I’m sure lots of other people just… Can’t really understand that either, having no privacy as you washed. Well, pretty much anyone from outside of Japan, it would sound completely bizarre. Anyway, Choi… Goes underwater, and doesn’t go up for air again… So when Tamako and Anko rush in to try and find Choi, well… T-they end up seeing an unconscious Choi floating on the water and something else. Ahh. Cringe.

Embarrassed after the events at the baths, Choi locks herself away in her room, leaving Tamako and Anko a bit sad that their new friend is already getting bad impressions of the town. They leave her dinner by the door, and walk away. Still, Choi seems a bit cautious of the family, and leaves the dinner, thinking that it’s a trap. Like, maybe they poisoned the food or something! Either way, whilst Dela should be behaving himself, he’s only wound himself into a bigger mess with Choi.

So naturally, Choi’s fortune telling really attracted the townspeople, hence now a small “fortune telling” stool outside the mochi shop… Is that really such a good idea? It seems to be diverting customers away from the mochi shops and to the fortune telling. Well, I wasn’t the only person who thought that, since Tamako’s father seems to think the same too. Her fortune telling is a great success, and it was also a great chance for Dela to actually LOSE some weight.

Here is where they now get the episode name from… One of the shop keepers (I’m not sure if we have even been introduced to him yet… So the one with the big black afro, also the one who gets shy and flustered and embarrassed a lot when around the opposite sex) is… In love. Either way, I think these side stories with unknown characters are what helps keep a sense of reality in the anime and it helps us learn more of the background on some more unknown characters and maybe the kind of people in the shopping district themselves… So basically the usual anime stereotypes. He… Doesn’t get a good fortune with love… And we soon see why, because his lover soon walks over and gets her fortune told too: Sayuri-san, the girl who helps run the baths. The two would make a very unlikely couple, but… I couldn’t help but feel a bit sorry for “afro-man”, when Sayuri announces she was going to get married. I just… I don’t know. To see the disappointment on his face and that he just really hasn’t had any luck with girls so it seems (maybe losing the afro would help) kinda made me just feel sad for him. And for him to see someone he loves so dearly love someone else so much must be a really horrible feeling for him. Either way, happy or sad outcomes, Choi seems to be a real hit with the townsfolk.

Anyway, Tamako, Anko and Choi all head to the baths, but they seem to be shut for the time being… And we also see afro man in the distance. Despite his heart being broken, he thanks Choi for the good fortune, and that he was happy that it made Sayuri happy. It was a very bittersweet ending to a sad backstory between two friends, but I’m sure that things will end happily for afro man in the end… We seem to have focused on his strange behaviour recently, after he has always been pushed around and is very shy, so I think we might see a good ending for him maybe by the end of the series.

But love… Is in the air for Choi too. As she takes a bath back at the Kitashirakawa household, she ends up falling unconscious from staying under water for too long again. We see her dreaming being underwater, as we hear the “prince” (from whom we also saw in the messages for Dela) calling for Choi… Instead, she wakes up to see little Dela-chan calling her name instead. Not exactly what you’d really want to see, but it was good to see Choi was actually alright. Still, I do really want to see more of Choi and I do really want to know more about this prince she likes so much. I think we actually need to see more proper romance in this anime.

However, as Choi slept, apparently Tamako could hear her crying in her sleep, saying she couldn’t hear the waves. I thought Choi, who acted so tough (well, maybe to Dela) and seemed like a very bold character, actually was really homesick and was so soft and sweet on in the inside. And I couldn’t help but go “awww” by the end of it. So, Tamako, filled with master plans and ideas, decided to play a record with “waves” in the background. I’m sure that would help soothe her homesickness, but I’m sure that deep down she was really missing the prince back home too… Sweet love~

BUT. Things… Don’t end happily for some. NOT FOR DELA AT LEAST. Choi realises that actually, Tamako wasn’t the nasty person Dela made her out to be, and when they got home, Dela would have some explaining to do to the prince… Although, Tamako being a bit dense, she doesn’t really seem to question it, and just ignores it. Come on, Tamako! I mean, Dela, the bird you’ve been spoiling rotten with mochi, has been talking behind your back and making up such big lies about you! I would have kicked him out right from episode 1, to be honest.

Annnnywaaaay, after Choi was so against eating mochi because of what they “supposedly did” to Dela, she decides to try some, and it turns out she really loves it too! I do hope though, that Choi doesn’t end out like the daft bird did too. However, it seems that Choi also… Wants to stay at the house for a little longer. Although, unlike Dela, who really doesn’t seem to be giving anything back to the Kitashirakawa family, Choi seems willing enough to keep up the fortune telling to pay for her stay there, which was very sweet. As Choi and Tamako walked through the shopping district, they discuss finding “the prince’s bride”… Now I think it makes sense to me actually. It’s not Dela that was looking for a bride, they were actually trying to find a bride for the prince. Well, I assume so anyway, but I would feel so sad if Choi didn’t end up with the prince, who she really loves. It’s kind of sad that someone she’s so close to, she can’t be with. Well, let’s HOPE she can. I’d like to see maybe a happy ending for Choi as well. But maybe not for Dela, but I’m sure he’ll get his comeuppance. However, as they walked around, Choi noticed a strange glittery substance (or apparently it was a scent that she smelled) that fell off Tamako. I’m not sure what it was, but Choi seems intrigued by this. Is Tamako the bride they were looking for?! Poor… Mochizou…

Either way, it seems that we’re ending episode 7 on a cliffhanger too! But hopefully all our questions will be answered next time.


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