First Impressions: Pokemon: Best Wishes 2 Episode N

The Araragi Laboratories! Setting off on a New Journey!!

Okay, so nothing has really changed here. After the league ended and that lot, the group travels back to the lab so they can think of what to do next.

On route; we get introduced to Nonami, a new trainer who I don’t really have any interest in at this point in the franchise. She’s a nervous wreck of a person who has no idea what she’s doing. So obviously, getting bored of them, Team Rocket bursts in with their old antics of trying to steal Pikachu; since Pikachu is responsible for the plan to control the legendary genie’s failing.

It’s quite a nice callback, but the best part is how they’re no longer being stupid about it. They use a good combination of Mist and Stun Spore to incapacitate everyone nearby. A better way to think of it would be that they’ve gone back to being a serious villain whilst resorting to their tried and tested methods. It was wonderful development for the new trainer who I don’t quite care about, but it still feels like a wasted episode when you consider that Episode N has given itself 24 episodes top…and they didn’t even manage to introduce N.

Though I suppose they did need time to get Satoshi and co to the right place, and that’s Dragonspiral Tower and the White Ruins.


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