Magi Episode 17

The Seventeenth Night: Smile

Kassim pretty clearly has some screws loose at this point, but it’s time for the Balbadd arc to come it’s end.

It may have been predictable, and it may have been obvious, but it was always going to happen. Alibaba and Kassim needed to have a heart to heart discussion without holding anything back, and this point is the point in which it’s time to resolve everything by forcing Kassim to notice just how wrong he was about the whole thing. If I was to be perfectly honest, I think that it’s the conclusion which best suits the characters at this point. Kassim and Alibaba aren’t actually that different, it’s just their outlooks and how they acted that makes them different people. What exactly makes them different? What makes them change? It’s all of these questions which need answering at this point, but along with that…Aladdin appears to have made a powerful enemy out of the banker.

At least, it would appear that way until Sinbad’s friends use their household vessels to weaken the banker, but now that Sinbad has all of his vessels back, it’s time to punish the banker for his evil deeds in the entire conspiracy. However, that was just one of many bankers, and as their evil presence starts to be noticed, it might be time to stop thinking of the Kou Empire as the villains.It’s interesting to see them and how they’re cult and the like, but I have quite severe doubts that we’ll ever actually get to this point in the anime…


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