Pokemon: Best Wishes 2 Episodes 23 & 24

Satoshi VS Kotetsu! The Secret Weapon Hydregion!!
The Unova League Ends! Pikachu VS Lucario!!

Okay, I was not looking forward to this. A full six on six battle, and based on how many episodes are left in the series, it’s pretty obvious how this ends up. But…okay, let’s put my doubts aside and try to enjoy this.

Firstly, Hydregion is a very powerful dragon type. Firstly, it dismantles Boldore, and then Oshawott comes out. It’s not very long after this that Oshawott goes down as well. It’s not interesting at all to watch a curbstomp, just like it’s not interesting at all to be curbstomping. Sadly, this is what’s happening here, as Pignite looses quite a lot of strength simply to bring Hydregion down. When the one up next is Ferrothorn, I…have some doubts. Pignite should toast Ferrothorn and never let it live to see the light of day, and that’s what happens. It was plain stupid and done by the creators to even out the score, and nothing but. Up next is Samurott, the ninja which transformed into a unicorn. With powerful water moves, Pignite falls pretty quickly, bringing his ace out, Pikachu. Being a level 9000 Pikachu, Samurott never stood a chance. When his next type is Swanna, I really question what the creators are trying to do here. A single electric attack should shock Swanna out the sky…and it does just that.

With the twist that Kotetsu has nothing left apart from his Riolu, victory should be pretty obvious at this point. However, when Unfezant comes out, Riolu’s strength becomes clear, and it beats the fully evolved flying type with ridiculous ease. Next? Snivy. Quite why Satoshi didn’t use his best Pokemon is unclear, but Riolu verses Snivy is a match that appears to kinda well balanced, and with Snivy getting the advantage, Riolu picks this moment to evolve into Lucario. Everything will be concluded in the final episode…

It’s not long into the battle that Lucario pulls an Aura Sphere out of nowhere, and thus, it’s ace against ace. However, Pikachu’s pretty weakened by this point, after smashing Samurott and Swanna previously. However, Lucario’s also taken quite a beating previously. They have quite a drawn out conflict, and it pretty much came down to a stamina battle in the end…making it obvious Satoshi would lose. Kotetsu claims the match, bringing him into the final. However, possibly through bad luck, Kotetsu gets paired with Virgil, my pick of the league. Running circles around Kotetsu, he brings out Flareon to end Lucario as promptly as possible, when it’s not even neccessary…he still has an Espeon in the wings and two of his Eevee squad he hasn’t pulled out. Lucario…gets torched. Virgil advances to the final with no problems or issues, so when the final turns into Crimigan against Eevee, I wasn’t surprised to see Virgil pull out his special move; Trump Card.

It’s nice to have been able to predict Virgil would win, but that was without question. With everyone parting ways at the end, you really do get the impression that it’s all over. I do question the choice to use a montage of the series at this point, but I suppose that’s because the next series is something pretty different. On that note, i’m not actually going to write a review for this series. It’s been incredibly short, and only really consists of the Meloetta Arc, a conclusion to Iris’s Arc and the League Arc, with the odd “filler” here and there. It should be obvious by now that I think that when it wants to do something right, this franchise delivers an incredibly nostalgic experience that’s actually downright enjoyable, but it dips into the mediocre way too much.


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