Sakurasou no Pet na Kanajo Episodes 17, 18, 19 & 20

Been away for four weeks, so just what the doctor ordered: a bumper pack of Sakurasou episodes! Watch and marvel as my views and opinions seem to change drastically from episode to episode.

Valentines Is a Day for Chocolate

It’s Valentines Day, and at the same time, the day of Nanami’s audition. However, Nanami isn’t the only one who’s determined, as Shiina is pressing the attack…well, she’s not the only one pressing the attack, as Rita appears at the door to Sakurasou in the morning to have her “showdown” with Akasaka.

Interestingly, when Nanami runs into trouble for her audition, Sorata completly blows off his plans with Shiina to go help Nanami as much as he can, even if it involves biking her all the way to the audition. Elsewhere, Misaki hits a stagnent point in her relationship when Jin doesn’t turn up to see her, and Rita gets the cold hand from Akasaka. However, the development this week is on Nanami, and as her and Sorata rehearse the script one last time on the way to the audition…she finally gets her chance to confess. However, she does pretend that it’s just the script that she’s rehearsing…

Upon returning to the school, Shiina is still waiting for him, and she has quite a severe case of jealousy. However, something good did come out of this. Sorata noticed that Nanami is in love with him, but my concern is that getting rejected by Jin hit Misaki harder than she’s letting on. It wasn’t a super duper epic episode where everyone confesses to everyone, but the attention really lurked in the smaller details and the relationships which aren’t the main characters.

Love for an Alien

See, now Sorata and Nanami are acting like a stupid couple from a harem. Whilst I support Nanami for Sorata, it’s obvious that he’ll end up with Shiina. However, going to school to get Sorata’s sisters results causes some unexpected drama as Jin is here to reveal that he’s passed his exam…without telling Misaki.

Then Sorata gets carried away and ends up in a fist fight with Jin on the school rooftop. Whilst Jin kicks Sorata’s ass in front of Shiina whilst talking about nothing of particular interest. Jin’s being an idiot, and that’s pretty much all that matters. He may have had real reasons for what he did and so forth, but it doesn’t make being an idiot right.

On the other hand, Misaki isn’t exactly being grown up and mature here.Thankfully, Nanami’s personality and nature get the two of them together to have a proper talk with each other. When it’s shown that it’s just Jin being an idiot. Thankfully, we can put the idiots aside for next week or hope that they just grow up a little.

Home Is Where Sakurasou Is

With the plot twist that Sakurasou will be demolished, it comes time for the residents to decide on what they’re going to do about it. However, it’s time for a reason to save it; and that reason is delivered through a flashback of pre-Mashiro Sakurasou, or at least, what it was like when Sorata just moved in.

Or, in other words, the days when Sorata got harassed by Misaki, freaked out by Akasaka and…well, harassed  If anything, Sorata’s straight-man performance is as good as it was back in the first episode or two. On top of that, seeing him collect the cats and being ever so slightly touched by Misaki’s actions are the kinda things which make everything fun and enjoyable all over again, and actually makes the whole “gotta save Sakurasou” get a new light.

To touch on a slightly different note, it was really nice and relaxing to see the show go back to it’s earlier episodes, and to stop messing around with the modern plot twists and love triangles which are just ruining things. Heck, even Jin was bearable this episode, since this was pre-angst.

So We Can Keep Calling it Home

With no reason being given to demolish Sakurasou, the drama continues now that we’ve been reminded it’s worth saving. It’s by far the weakest thing they could have possibly ended the franchise with, especially that the whole thing of dreams seems to have been sidelined a lot lately…there’s been Nanami’s love triangle, Jin’s messing around, Sorata’s family drama and so forth. However, as we keep going, Akasaka’s hacked their database and got the reason: Shiina.

It’s really stupid to assume that Sakurasou is responsible for Shiina drawing manga, and even more stupid to say that drawing manga = bad credit for the school. However, tearing down an entire building for one person is pretty stupid, especially when you could just, y’know, MOVE HER. They did it to Sorata at the start of the franchise, and was even flashbacked in the previous episode. It’s taken a bad plot point and turned into an absurd situation. Thankfully, Akasaka seems to be the only one with a clear head on the situation, and that’s that if the friendship can be destroyed with a building, it’s not friendship to begin with.

That said; why go to all the trouble? It may be special, but at the end of the day, only Sorata, Shiina, Akasaka and Chihiro will remain. However, well…there’s another bombshell.

Remember Nanami’s audition conditions? Pass, and listen to what she had to say, or fail and go home. The results came at the best possible time; and…well, nothing hurts more than the “i’m dying inside” smile. I know, because I give it a lot. It must bite a lot to fail at the final hurdle, but it hurts even more to see that same person continuing to do everything they can to smile and keep heading forward. However, there is also a bombshell elsewhere, and that’s Maido-chan’s AI actually acting in favour of Rita x Akasaka, and being the bridge between Akasaka and coming out his shell. They’ve managed to include some pretty interesting character development into this rather odd arc to end it with, but I have a feeling that Shiina is holding back a trump card.


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