Tamako Market Episode 8

Can’t Call Me A Chicken Anymore

Tamako Market episode 8

Dela?! On a diet?! Dun dun duuuun~!

By far the funniest Tamako Market episode so far. Geez. I couldn’t stop laughing at this episode. Rather than just a “chuckle”, it really made me laugh out loud. And now I remember why I really do love this anime.

Well, as we see at the beginning of the episode, Dela just keeps getting fatter and fatter and fatter: He just won’t stop, that bird, and his addiction and love of mochi is getting out of control (not like it wasn’t in the first place anyway). The Tamaya mochi shop had made special chestnut mochi for the incoming autumn season, and I think maybe this mochi may be a bit more fattening than the others. One day, Tamako happens to get a phone call from her friend Kanna to come round to the record shop, she had a present for Dela. Which is somewhat surprising, since I always thought Kanna really despised the bird, but anyways. They all meet round there, little Choi-chan included, and Kanna reveals her amazing gift for Dela: A birdhouse! Maybe then he can actually sleep in there instead and not bother the Kitashirakawa family and Choi. Tamako urges Dela to go on and try out the new birdhouse, but… It’s too much of a tight squeeze, and he won’t fit! Honest, you just knew it was gonna happen, but it was still so funny as well: Nothing just ever works out in Tamako Market, there’s always gonna be some trouble. And if he did fit, well, that’d be no fun either, and the episode would be over and done with in a matter of 4 minutes or so. Kanna feels ashamed of her handiwork, depressed because she felt that she did not get the measurements right, that no carpenter should ever be able to get the measurements wrong and etc. Kanna, it’s not your fault, Choi protests. IT’S DELA’S. Dela has put on so much weight these past few days, he’s gonna have to cut down on the mochi… Maybe food all together.

~organ playing, Dela shocked, heartbroken, terrified, gobsmacked, speechless~

cutting back on food

Dela, it’s okay. I know how you feel. It’s fine. (And at this point, I’m unable to control my laughter. Good god.)

Dela would do anything for food though. Caught sneaking around in their rival mochi shop, Kanna feels the only way to stop people from fattening up Dela even more, is by making a sign: “Please do not feed the bird”. Smart idea, although, the shop keepers of the shopping district probably aren’t going to give into that, they feel so sorry for the poor little (well, more like big) bird~ In fact, that’s exactly what happens. Tamako’s grandfather was even caught trying to sneak food upstairs to Dela. DON’T GIVE INTO THE BIRD, OR HE WILL NEVER LEAVE. He’s grown so annoying, so pathetic, with his obnoxious attitude and behaviour, and I’m sure I’d have grown sick to death of him already. But without Dela, I’m sure the show would be incomplete!

There’s just no way this diet is going to work out. They’d need to keep their eyes on Dela 24/7. So that can only mean one thing: Dela’s going to have to go to school with them (seriously, bad idea: I would never invite a talking bird along to my school, and why would you even let him close to Shiori-san? TAMAKO, THINK ABOUT YOUR FRIEND). Leaving Choi-chan all by herself and alone… Well, anyway, even though Choi is still a complete stranger to Tamako in a sense, they decide to invite her along to their school anyway, no questions asked at all.

But they don’t have a spare uniform… What a shame! Oh Dela, you might just be able to get away with it~! Wait, no, that’s fine: Kanna has a spare uniform at home.

~ Beethoven playing in the background. Dela is once again speechless, gobsmacked, shocked, horrified, depressed and starving. And I am also laughing at this point too (I think it’s at times like this I realise that Tamako Market can really understand my sense in humour, and it’s the littlest things with make it so much better). ~

The next day, and with little Choi-chan looking so kawaiiii in her new school uniform, the girls all head out to school, along with their “doll” Dela-chan~!

As Choi is beginning to get used to life at school with Tamako and friends (also, I believe that we have found a new Houoin Kyouma, everyone: TAMAKO’S TEACHER. To quote, in a very “Japanese Engrish” voice: “DO YOU HAVE-A THE TEXTUBOOKU?”) Tamako, Kanna and Midori all invite Choi along to their baton club. This could also be a great chance for Dela to actually get some exercise. In which, he does, and it actually amazes me he managed to stay in the air for that long, until he layed his eyes upon Shiori, his one true love. He’s such a hopeless romantic. Then it all just goes tumbling downhill…. Dela, when will you realise that Shiori is never going to love you back (I sure hope she wouldn’t to be honest)?

In episode 8, I believe that… W-we can see more of a darkside to Kanna. I’m sure she’s still very mysterious, and I guess that’s probably the whole part of her character and personality, but Kanna threatens to hit Dela with her stick/BATON when Dela asks what he uses it for. He quickly speeds away, and then she says she’s just joking. But with a glint in her eye, she soon says with a devilish smirk on her face: “Actually, I was telling the truth”. I love Kanna’s character so much. She’s so blunt and straight to the point, but that’s probably what makes her so much more funny than Dela, who is rather the opposite.

It only just occurred to Tamako too that Choi didn’t really have any other clothes, so all the girls decide to go out on a shopping trip to buy her new clothes. Choi got too shy and embarrassed, as Midori and Kanna fantasized about her wearing either a sweet lolita dress or a full knitted dress… Jesus, I know Choi’s a cutie and all, but don’t try to scare the girl TOO much.

Actually, if there’s one thing I’m curious about, it’s this: Where is Choi from? She’s apparently from a warm tropical island by the looks of it (since she’s not used to the cold weather, and of course her tanned skin), but we don’t really know WHERE abouts. And she knows fluent Japanese too. Well, any guesses would be appreciated, since I don’t have a clue myself. And I know this is just an anime, but that doesn’t matter! I’m still curious to know!

They didn’t buy anything, and Dela seems determined to lose weight! Good for you, Dela! But I’m pretty sure he’s only doing that so he’s not scolded by Choi-chan… Well, either way, we soon see a new side of Dela~! As he swoops through the shopping centre, it looks like Dela has somehow has pushed all his body weight up to the upper half of his body, so it looks like he has big bulging muscles. I’m sure that’ll really win over Shiori’s heart. But no. it looks bloody ridiculous. Dela, what have you done? I think I actually preferred him as a round blob if I’m honest… He’s looking a bit scary now. Seriously, if a bird like that waddled towards me, I’d probably scream and run in the other direction.

As the friends all reunite again, it seems both Midori and Kanna have bought a cute little present for Choi-chan: A fluffy pink cardigan~! It looked so sweet, and I’m sure it’d suit Choi so well. So it looks like that both the Mochiyucky’s had a good ending for this episode, thankfully, and it sure looks like next week’s episode could be good too! I’m kind of hoping we get to see a bit more of Mochizou this time round too… And hopefully some romance between him and Tamako, finally. And maybe, just maybe, Dela will find his prince’s bride.


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