Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Episode 7

Episode 07

-As Long as there’s Love, It Doesn’t Matter If I Get More Sisters, Right?-

I don’t know if it’s a good thing that this show skips from scene to scene so quickly. Maybe I’d lose interest if it took it’s time.. and developed plot.

As we all know, Kobato is a virus. A disgusting creature that somehow made it’s way into the cast, and is now stuck forever as one of the main characters. While she may not be that bad, she is annoying as that one thing you can never seem to remember. Yes, the one you’re trying to think of now. It just isn’t working is it? So when the first thing that comes up is her birthday, I have to physically stop my system from shutting itself down out of complete hatred. The episode begins with Kodaka getting texts from all of his harem. Not including Kate, because she doesn’t and never will get enough love out of this anime. As you can imagine, all 4 of the girls were expecting it to be just the 2 of them. As in, themselves, and Kodaka. So they weren’t too happy when all 4 of them had to wait for Kodaka together. But hey, Kodaka is dense, so does he care? No, he doesn’t. He just thinks they want to be friends. With each other, maybe, but not with you Kodaka. You poor soul. Just going to get a bit dumb here – I have something that says “Yukimura’s super long text” in my notes for this episode. I’ve been extremely busy recently and I have no idea what that means! But it was funny, apparently, so I recommend re-watching it. I think.

Right then, about Kodaka being dense. During the train journey to the supermarket, Rika actually questions whether Kodaka is actually dense or does it on purpose. Amazing. This is actually extremely interesting. Of course, Kodaka is dense enough to not even understand what she meant by that, but I don’t care right now. I can see Rika eventually getting it out of Kodaka. What’s more weird is that, after she does question this, Kodaka goes on to mention how he’s noticed how much effort Rika has been putting into her hair. Which is back to brunette, by the way. Yes I’m upset. But anyway, it makes me wonder if he did that on purpose. Going from completely dense, to suddenly he notices things. Hmmm. Another interesting event between Kodaka and Rika occurred just 10 seconds after this, when Kodaka “thinks out loud” and says Rika is cute. I question whether he said it out loud on purpose too, because it seems extremely unnatural for someone to think out loud like that so often. While Rika is extremely happy about it, Yozora & Sena look pretty angry. It makes me wonder if KodakaxRika really is a possibility.

Speaking of dense – well.. not so much dense, but it’s similar. Yozora wears very girly clothes and expects them all to believe she was trying to wear what guys would wear. Yes Yozora, definitely. That mini, your belly showing – great job! I totally dress like that all the time, as do all other normal guys. I seriously didn’t believe that until she actually went and bought a tracksuit. Unbelievable. Her character was genuinely horrible in this episode. The way she acted was ridiculous. Definitely not liking her right now. The negativity of this post is getting pretty high right now though, so it’s time to switch it up. After some splitting up, Sena is left with just Kodaka. I’m pretty hopeful for some advancements because I’m like the definition of optimism, but we all know it just isn’t going to happen. During this time Kodaka actually asks Sena what she thinks of him & Yozora previously being friends. I thought it was pretty bold to be honest, but I was disappointed at Sena not really caring. This ends off with a really bad confession from Sena. Why does she not just openly say it? As if Kodaka is going to realise what you mean.

Moving on swiftly to Kobato’s birthday party. How fun! We get Kobata, AND parties. My two favourite things. Just kidding, I hate one of them. It isn’t parties. Sena bakes the cake, and puts.. her and Kobato.. on the top of the cake together. I think I would cry… tears of joy. What a great idea, such a shame poor Kobato the toddler couldn’t appreciate such art. Also, why does Kobato have no friends? Why is she always with these guys and not people her own age? The answer is clearly because she’s a complete and utter freak. I mean, no offence to cosplayers – but this girl must think she’s actually who she dresses as. Even Kate (OH MY GOD SHE WASsdfg) picks up on it. After Kobato does one of her weird “kukuku evil spirits” etc etc speeches, Kate actually asks if she’s okay. I could not believe it. Kodaka must know too, since he convinced Kate she was fine. Kobato is so deluded about real life and is terrible with social interaction. You do not act like that 24/7. Worst character ever.

Finally we move onto what I think is a great step forward for anime. It’s the typical walk in on the girl in the shower scene, but not so typical. Kodaka sees Kate naked, but the great bit is that she doesn’t blow up completely and rage at him. She’s completely calm, realises it was a mistake, and accepts his apology. That is actually fascinating. It’s made me respect her character so much more. If only all anime would do this.. because seeing the girl knock the crap out of the guy isn’t very funny. In fact, scrap these scenes completely. Just before the episode finishes, Kate is leaving Kodaka’s house. She says something about her wanted to be with him, but can’t because he “has Sena”. Kodaka seems confused. But WOAH this is where it’s awesome. He narrates that he would “learn exactly what she meant” by it. Hmmm. If this is another trick, or let down, I will be very annoyed.


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