Tamako Market Episode 9

Singing a Love Song

Tamako Market episode 9

They all love a bit of romance in the shopping district, don’t they? And it seems, maybe that underneath Tamako’s father’s “tsuntsun” outer shell, he’s a little bit “deredere” inside. Lots of squeeing, fangirling and possible sobbing in this episode, as we rapidly approach the grand finale of Tamako Market!

I apologise for the late post, but I had been extremely busy with personal stuff, and didn’t really have much time to type out this review and only just recently watched the episode, but WOW. I have so many things I want to say. I really loved this episode. Gee, I don’t know, I always say this, because Tamako Market just keeps impressing me in one crazy way or another somehow, and I really enjoyed this episode. Tamako Market may not have much of a plot, but it’s a cutesy slice of life and it’s a really mellow anime that keeps you smiling and keeps you happy, and I have to say, it really brought a smile to my face this episode and can just put you in the best of moods straight away. I feel like, Tamako Market isn’t one of the best slice of life-s out there, and I admit that I can’t say it’s exactly one of my favourite anime (I felt the same way as I watched Chuunibyou too!) I’m always wanting to watch more and wanting to know more and just falling in love with the characters and their adorable little quirks, the littlest things make me laugh and ahh! I’ll stop rambling and cut to the chase.

Even before the opening, as we watch a beautiful young school girl wander down the shopping district, with gorgeous deep blue eyes and short black hair… I thought “Another new character?! This is a bit late…”. Then as I noticed her eyes, I thought “Wait, is that Tamako?”… Then, I realised. It was Tamako’s mother. I… It was SO cute! Seeing the love bloom between Tamako’s mum and Tamako’s dad in the mochi shop, as they got all flustered, embarrassed, oh… I couldn’t stop squeeing and giggling, it was so sweet, and young love at its finest. I’m sure anyone who is in love with someone can… Probably find a way to relate to the most embarrassing feelings you feel, but it’s also such a great and wonderful feeling too, like Dela says!

We flash forward again to the present, and everyone is working away in the mochi shop, making special bean mochi as it’s nearly mochi day on the 10th October, which is also Mochizou’s birthday: anyone actually remember him? Poor Mochizou. Everyone’s so hurried up in the festivities and ideas for mochi day it’s like everyone forgot it was his birthday. Well, Tamako can empathise, Mochizou, so don’t worry. However, Tamako thinks the bean mochi is a bad idea and they should try something new! At this point, I knew that her father would disapprove of the idea immediately, because he’s just a grumpy killjoy, but no! Remember the bean mochi he made for the “love of his life”? Well… I can only think that’s why Tamako’s father was so insistant on keeping the idea of bean mochi. It’s kind of sad how… He’s still so devoted to his long-gone wife and Tamako’s mother and he’ll still do anything, just so it feels like she’s there. I really felt sorry for him then, actually. Tamako starts singing the same old tune again, like she does in most episodes, and because she’s hummed it so many times now, Dela can’t help but hum along too… And actually, I caught myself humming along too! I guess that just really proves its point. Tamako’s dad notices and quicky turns bright red and dashes out the kitchen. At this point, you can guess that… This song obviously is something special to him (or something incredibly embarrassing, but if you’ve watched the episode, you’ll find out it’s actually… both).

They all decide to have a mochi “pounding” event on mochi day, as the two rival mochi shop owners try to outdo each other yet again. Oh, the inevitable banter, arguing and quarrelling: I can sense it already!

Speaking of which, we notice the rival shop’s son, Mochizou, walking to school with Tamako’s little sister Anko! Anko seems to be in a bit of a bad mood, and it seems Tamako has forgotten Mochizou’s birthday too. WELL, I wouldn’t really get my hopes up if I were you Mochizou, since you should know what Tamako’s like by now… The clumsy girl. But something seems to be troubling Anko too, something FAR more important than Mochizou! I guess Mochizou’s learned how to always be pushed away to the side and forgotten about all the time that it doesn’t really affect him anymore. I do feel a little sorry for him in that way, oh, he does try so hard, and Tamako, he’s so cute too! Why can’t you just… Notice him for once?! Anyway, it seems Anko’s feeling depressed because her crush “Yuzuki” (the little geeky kid we saw a few episodes back) is going to be transferring schools. I felt at this point that this little side story with Anko and Yuzuki is going to tie in well with Tamako’s mum and dad’s story too… Somehow, it would work. I just knew it. Anko earlier on asked for them to give some of the bean mochi to Yuzuki too, so… Well, could it be a repeat of history? Oh, who knows?! Young love I guess? But it seems like the shy and tsundere Anko might not really have much of a chance yet.

Afterschool, Tamako walks into Anko’s room and notices she really hasn’t been acting herself. Usually the girl is “full of beans” (hah, get it!), but now she just seems to be moping around and feeling all sorry for herself. Annnnd Yuzuki’s here to pick up the bean mochi! As you sit there in suspense, you cheer Anko on, trying to motivate her to go downstairs and give him the mochi, to confess her true feelings to him… A-aaah! But no, Tamako just gives him the mochi instead, because Anko was too shy. But I knew, I knew that it just wouldn’t be the end of that. I know Tamako, because whilst she might be a bit of a klutz, she can really understand people well and always comes up with the best ideas and always wants to make people happy and smile all the time, and… Obviously, because she’s a good sister, I knew that a hopefully happy ending would approach again soon.

However, they still don’t know what’s wrong with Anko, so Tamako asks Mochizou to go find out what’s wrong with her. Oh, Detective Mochizou will soon be on the case, I’m sure~!

He doesn’t really seem to be doing a good job at trying to guess what would be wrong with her though. I mean really, she’s a young girl, so it’d obviously have been something to do with looove! She admits, embarrassed, and quickly runs away. It turns out that many things are gonna happen on mochi day, both good and bad, as it’s ALSO the day Yuzuki will be transferring. Awwww.

MOCHI DAY IS HERE. Also, if there’s one thing I’ve noticed, has Dela… Gone back to his round blob shape again? Did they completely forget about this sudden change in Dela, or has he gone back to his normal greedy self again? Oh, I’d probably guess it’d be the latter, however he managed to, I’m sure that Choi was not best pleased! And we don’t particularly see much of Choi in this episode unfortunately, but she looks cute as ever, wearing the new cardigan her new friends all bought her. I actually quite like the mix of personalities in Tamako Market, and they all really seem to work well with each other and fuse well! It’s like none of them really clash (apart from Tamako’s dad and Mochizou’s dad, as we soon see) and they all just… Really fit together, like a perfect community.

Annnnd, as we can hear by the music, a tough competition filled with blood, sweat, tears and mochi will soon be underway. Also lots of arguing from Mochizou’s dad and Tamako’s dad. Why did this not surprise me? It seems most of the audience was there to watch the entertainment of their constant arguing and quarrelling between one another.

Mochizou notices Anko hiding away in the shop though, which seems a little bit unusual of her, as usually you’d expect her to be right amongst the action and all the fun! She’s holding the ammonite that Yuzuki gave her, such romance! Either way, he seems to be worried about Anko’s odd behaviour, and obviously, Tamako has come up with a master plan to save the day as per usual. She tells Anko to go deliver some “special mochi” to Yuzuki before he leaves. Tamako says that she knows Yuzuki would be really happy if she gave it to him, and she says fresh mochi always tastes the best (although, if I’m honest, mochi doesn’t really taste nice at all…)! She seems determined, a last chance is thrown at her and she grabs it with both hands! But will she build up the guts to tell her true love she loves him? I… I was kind of expecting her to, but she didn’t. It was so obvious though, and it was really like a repeat of what happened in the mochi shop with Tamako’s mum and dad all those years ago, the flustered faces, the blushing cheeks, the stumbling voices… Just young love in general. But it seemed that the pair would soon meet again, as Yuzuki’s family loved the Tamaya mochi, so they’d definitely be back again on New Year’s Eve for their mochi again. So a happy ending for Anko, and I’m really glad that her little side plot and her character development really worked out well, and I feel like we’ve learned a lot about Anko in this episode…

But, aren’t we forgetting one person? Tamako’s dad. We… If anything, see HIM and his character develop the most. As I said before, we’re used to seeing his “tsuntsun” and harsh outer shell, and as soon as anything related to Tamako’s mother pops up, he seems to get so flustered, so embarrassed and… It seems he has a real soft spot and he can’t help but get embarrassed and maybe upset everytime Tamako hums that tune, when Tamako says they shouldn’t make the bean mochi, and etc.

The tune. The tune Tamako was humming… It was actually a song that Tamako’s dad had written long ago. In fact, “Master” (the man in the record/coffee shop) was also in the band that Tamako’s dad was in. It seemed, Tamako’s dad was such a hopeless romantic, and it really was love at first site for the pair. He actually wrote the song about Tamako’s mother, and as he storms out the record shop in a huff and a puff, it seems… The lyrics, everything… It kind of reminded me about how Mochizou feels about Tamako. Everytime he tries to confess to Tamako, everytime he tries to get Tamako to notice him, he’s so madly in love but she’s just so carefree and happy she can’t notice and it’s… Kind of sad actually. And that’s why, I do hope there’s a happy ending for the both of them. Everybody loves somebody, right?

Of course Tamako wouldn’t forget Mochizou’s birthday, though. Could… This mean, maybe she really does have feelings for the boy, deep down in her heart too?


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