Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Episode 8

Episode 08

-My Childhood Friend Fights Too Much-

Another lovely episode filled with 50% more story progression.. and 50% more annoying characters.

The episode starts off with some genuine Kodaka appreciation, which is always nice. Especially when I don’t even know if he’s being fake or not. Unfortunately Sena ruins the whole thing by getting all worked up because she thinks he’s being “embarrassing”. Well excuse me Sena, sorry that Kodaka was trying to be remotely nice in an anime that seems to be a poor excuse for a constant bitch fight. Only God knows why she was getting embarrassed by a simple thanks. The social awkwardness of these people gets worse each episode. I say that, and 5 seconds later they all become some sickening feel good cast. They all express how they enjoyed the party and would love to have more for any future friends they make. Hearing the “I’m fired up!” was just horrible. How did Sena even change that quickly? It was pretty much the same topic. You’re either embarrassed, or you’re not. Moving on to more happy stuff; Rika has glasses again. Yeah that actually didn’t make me happy. I really wish they’d leave her as she is now, maybe change the hair, but seriously. I can tell they’re trying to hint at things with her, but I have no idea what.

Continuing on with the Rika topic, she starts to sigh just after the first scene. Kodaka asks her what’s wrong, when she changes the topic to the festival. Followed by a narration from Kodaka of him saying he knew what Rika wanted to say, but he wasn’t ready to hear it. Woah. I really hope all this mystery stuff comes out. Last episode we were left with a cliff hanger regarding Sena, and nothing during this episode has carried on with that. So it’s making me wonder if we’ll hear anything else about this Rika issue next episode. I’m guessing probably not, but I can hope. Anyway, I kinda think it’s about the way Kodaka acts around them. Especially with Rika’s comment about how he might be acting dense purposely. She’s smart, so I doubt she wouldn’t notice something like that. Before I move onto the festival.. Kobato. She actually.. I just.. oh wow. She says “kukuku” FOUR TIMES in less than a minute. I just sat there, absolutely disgusted. If I hear her do that hideous laugh, or say “kindred”, or “queen of the night”, one more time, I’ll seriously consider investing in a plane ticket just to silence her voice actress. However today was a very lucky day. Kodaka convinces Kobato to take part in her class movie, and she agrees, and leaves. She leaves for the rest of the episode. Tears were shed, tears of joy. I’ve never been so happy.. I.. and then Maria came barging into the room just a few seconds after. Someone out there must really hate me.

So of course, Yozora gets the idea for them to do a movie too. Nobody trusts her plot writing though, so they all give her their own ideas. All of which are pretty stupid. Mainly Rika’s idea for a boy on boy love scene. The next day, Yozora sets up a cheap excuse for a date and asks Kodaka to see a movie with her for reference. She tells him not to invite anyone else, because obviously she wants on. Well, she doesn’t actually. That would be way too unrealistic for this anime. The movie they see apparently looks plain, and then it turns out it has a sex scene. Yozora, being socially awkward, can’t stand it, and gets pretty mad. She really needs to grow up. I’m starting to hate characters who act like that. It would be understandable if they were little kids, but oh well. The scene ends quite well, with Yozora saying how the two spending the day together was like it was 10 years ago when they were friends. I guess it’s decent that she’s trying, but she’s doing a terrible job.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, Rika turns up dressed as Kobato. She even tries to act like her. Sena of course goes over the top and calls her a fake, but I really want to know what she was trying to pull by dressing up like that. Nothing became of it, and she didn’t seem to have any intent on show. Must have just been a comedic fail. How very unsurprising. Yozora gives everyone the script for the movie, and it’s coincidently similar to what they’re all going through right now. Basically it’s the script to the anime itself, with a few tweaks. Yozora of course made Kodaka her childhood friend in the script, but Sena & Rika seemed to object to the roles. So after a role switch, everyone seemed happy, except Kodaka who got the role of a little sister. Yozora agrees and decides to change the sister to a brother, so nothing is weird. Then it gets pretty deep. Yozora actually changes the whole script and it all turns back to Kodaka & Yozora being childhood friends in the movie. She admits she did it because they’re childhood friends in real life, and Sena gets pretty mad about it. She confronts Yozora and says it’s all in the past, and she should forget about it. Sena has a point, to be honest. Yozora can’t keep a bias and fix everything based on her past. If they want to be friends now, they can, but she can’t do it while upsetting everyone else. Anyway, Yozora gets the angriest I’ve seen her, and actually tells Sena that she wishes she didn’t exist. Pretty harsh. I’m actually starting to hate Yozora. She’s genuinely nasty, and I hope the ending isn’t positive for her. While Sena may be a bit stupid, Yozora is smart but is incredibly selfish and arrogant, and treats everyone else horribly.

However you see her, Yozora runs out of the room crying after the argument with Sena, who seems pretty shocked. Nothing like a good role reversal. You can tell Sena took her comment to heart too, but it was nothing massive. The next day, all is forgotten apparently, and the new script is handed out. Everyone seems to like it, but it still annoys me how Yozora acts so high & mighty when they all compliment it. I wish she’d stop being so arrogant about everything. On the bright side, Rika’s glasses were gone again! Yay!


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