Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Episode 9

Episode 09

-Stray Cats Overheat-

I legit thought “Wow” when this episode started and Maria actually looked and sounded half decent.

The episode starts off with the filming of their movie, and Maria’s character seemed pretty cool. She had the kind of attitude I like in a solid character, it’s just a shame it’s all acting. Speaking of acting, Yukimura and Maria don’t look exactly natural during the filming. I guess people will never act perfectly in things like this, but it’s still decent even if you can tell it’s amateurish. I was going to question where they got all the equipment for this movie from, but then I remembered Sena was rich, and the paragraph I thought up is in the trash now. Great. Not really off to a good start. Okay I admit it, that would have made a bad writing topic. But! I noticed in the opening that they’re all dressed up and it looks like they’re filming something. It makes me wonder if they film another movie later on. I’m unsure, and it may have nothing to do with the actual anime, but we’ll see. On the topic of the movie, Kodaka talks to himself for a bit while reading through the script. He notices he doesn’t have any screen time for that day of filming, but I was impressed by the way he acted. It’s like he’s a different person when he’s on his own. Down to earth, and doesn’t fuss if things aren’t perfect. I really do think he’s faking something now.

Now we get introduced to a new character, Yusa Aoi. She’s small, has red hair, and is ranked 2nd for exam results, with Sena being 1st. So as you can probably guess, she hates Sena. She describes Sena’s situation as something I thought was pretty smart; she wins all the “generic lotteries”. Very nicely done. This is basically how Sena is smart, athletic, popular, and has a boyfriend.. apparently. Unfortunately we don’t see much of Yusa, as this is the only scene she is in. But I can say that from what I’ve seen, I actually like her. Unlike the other small characters (Kobato & Maria), this one isn’t annoying. She complains quite a lot about Sena, and then Kodaka, but she does it in a way which I can stand. Another thing I like about her is her honesty. She comes out with exactly what’s on her mind, which I love. She also tells Kodaka that he’s cool. Brilliant. For so long Kodaka has been put down by the other girls, even though they all obviously like him, and it takes someone he’s only just met to actually compliment him. Yusa just won a lot of praise from me. I hope she makes a return next episode, but hopefully not just to fight or argue. I can see her being used purely for a scene involving her and Sena.

The chairman makes a return in this episode, and is funny as usual. More unusual is how he makes hints at himself being gay. Apparently him and a “Hayate” used to get up to things when they went to the cinema. Well.. what things weren’t mentioned, but you can imagine what he was referring to. I’m going to take it lightly though, since he does have a daughter. Unless it’s a cover up due to his position as chairman, which wouldn’t be something uncommon. The main point of this scene is that the chairman thinks Kodaka and Sena are dating. This is actually hilarious. Kodaka asks what he’s talking about, and they just stare at each other awkwardly, with the chairman trying to save it and thinking Kodaka is just joking. But no, he isn’t joking. When the chairman realises this he runs off like crazy, screaming and wondering what’s going on. I’ve got to admit, NEXT hasn’t been too funny in the last couple of episodes, compared to the first lot, but it’s still keeping me interested. Surprised, really. It’s still nice to get a bit of comedy here and there though.

Later on Sena takes Kodaka to the church to speak to him about clearly deep and meaningful things. I’m hoping for a confession. As we know, what I hope for never happens. But this time is different! Okay I lied, she doesn’t confess. I’m just butthurt. She basically tells him what he already knows; that her dad thinks she and Kodaka are dating. It all came from a misunderstanding when Sena said she would make Kobato her little sister, which would obviously happen if she were to marry Kodaka. Her dad assumed this, which is honestly what I would do too. But surely you’d question it properly before going out and telling everyone your daughter is going to get married. This isn’t all Sena has to share though, she brings out a picture of her and Kodaka playing together when they were younger. Yep, they are childhood friends. Not only that, but they really are engaged. Their parents set it up when they were younger, and they both signed a contract with their thumb prints. I’m not sure how legitimate that would be these days, since they didn’t know what they were doing back then, but hey, it probably won’t matter in the end. It’s pretty interesting nevertheless. Kodaka realises it won’t matter, and tells Sena they can forget about it. Regrettably, from Sena’s point of view. If only she’d just open up to him and say she doesn’t want to forget about it. Kodaka also says there’s no need to tell Yozora, which makes Sena a bit upset.

Yozora ends up finding out though, a long with Rika and Yukimura. Maria being the one who told everyone. Kodaka remembers when Kate said he has Sena, and then suddenly Maria comes bursting out with questions about him and Sena being engaged, saying how grown up he is. Of course everyone else overhears. Kate told Maria, just in case you didn’t get that, and I’m guessing the chairman told Kate. This leads to Yozora thinking Sena and Kodaka are closer than she and him are, due to them being childhood friends and Sena being his fiancé. It’s a bit ridiculous really. Yozora seems to be looking at the past way too much. We even get some more role reversal where Sena hits Yozora with the fly swat, yet Yozora is too depressed to even react properly. It really isn’t helping Yozora to be honest. She’s becoming a dreadful character. Rika realises it was all in the past, and means nothing now, which is good, but I’m not convinced that’ll be the end of it.

Finally, Kate enters this episode. After a small chat with Kodaka about the movie, she gives him the name of a film he should watch for reference to the one they’re making, as it sounds similar. Of course Kodaka watches it and well.. it has the exact same script as the movie they’re making. Yozora had copied the script word for word. Oh my. I just laughed. Yozora is genuinely an idiot. A complete idiot. It also answers my theory about them filming another movie with the costumes from the opening. Looking forward to that.. masterpiece.. I guess.


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