Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Episode 10

Episode 10

-The Unlucky King And The Serious Story-

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like you to meet the definition of “good shit”. This episode is exactly that.

Last episode reminded me of why I like to watch anime which isn’t all that serious, and that things can be good if they’re relaxed and comedic in their own ways. This episode reminded me of why I like to watch serious anime that pulls you in with deep and emotional stories, even if it was just for a short time. Honestly, I never expected much to happen outside of Kodaka & Yozora’s childhood friends storyline back when season one was airing. So for so much to come out in the last few episodes is great, and even more so when they heat up what the main plot was all along. We’ll get to that later though. The episode starts off with the continuation of Kodaka finding out about Yozora’s plagiarism with the movie. Rika is pretending to be some sort of mafia boss shouting at her, and when you think sympathy is coming in the form of Yukimura, all she does is call her an idiot, hilariously. So what do they do about the movie? Well, the most idiotic genius ever, Sena, already wrote out a script just in case something like this were to occur. I said Sena wasn’t as bad as everybody was making out before but she does kind of go over the top with this one. Dancing around Yozora, insulting her, all that stuff. It gets pretty embarrassing to watch. I wouldn’t let one of my friends do that anyway. She does redeem herself though, because she actually puts in all the elements that people requested back when Yozora was in charge. Even though Sena is pretty conceited, her care for the others is clearly shown with this. Oh, and I was right about the movie they’re filming now being the one from the opening.

More importantly; Rika’s hair is black again. Sorry I don’t know how that got in here again. What’s really important is how we’re given proof that Kodaka is dense on purpose. While he’s walking through the corridor with Rika, he thinks to himself that this is the first time. Only a second later, Rika speaks out loud with the same thing he was thinking. What does Kodaka do? Act as if he didn’t realise. I have a few hunches as to why he’s acting like this, but the main one would be that he actually doesn’t want to make friends. That would make him being in the neighbours club pointless, but you’ll see what I mean soon. There’s more much appreciated Rika segments as we move on to her room in the school where she’s been editing the movie. We get to see a scene between Yozora and Yukimura that she’s added special effects to, and it’s hilarious. I don’t know what was funnier; Yukimura’s terrible voice acting or the effects that made them fly up and “explode”. The next part steps away from the comedy and actually makes me think that this anime does know what it’s doing. Rika shows Kodaka some of the pictures she’d taken for research for the game from season one, as well as telling him how much work it takes to edit the movie. Kodaka then realises just how much effort Rika puts into the club, and she’s happy about it. She cares, and actually wants to make friends. Maybe more than anyone else in the club does. If only Kodaka would come out of his dense shell we could have KodakaxRika even as just friends.

Moving onto the festival, they all go to watch Kobato’s movie. It’s a silent one (yay), in black and white, and I’m not entirely sure what happens at the end. I’m guessing a lot of it got cut out, but still, pointless screen time. Of course, sigh, Kobato comes out and actually speaks now. After a gut wrenching scene of Sena hugging and drooling, and uh, sniffing Kobato, one of her “friends” speaks to Kodaka. Apparently, the socially awkward Kobato is actually popular among not just her class, but her whole year group. That is terrifying. Kobato’s “friend” mentions that the closer they try to get to her, the further away she goes. Rika then makes a lovely comment about how she isn’t surprised Kobato is like that when she’s related to Kodaka. But of course, Kodaka didn’t hear. Haha. Among all this, Maria then gets sad for some reason, says she doesn’t like what’s happening, and we cut to the club room. Maria is still sulking, until Kobato comes in with her UGHHHHH kukuykukjejdg shut up. Anyway Maria is happy about this, god bless her misunderstanding soul, and suddenly perks up loads. Ah, I get it. She was jealous of all the popularity Kobato was getting. Maria and Kobato are the two genuine friends the club has produced so far. Pretty damn cool. Although I’m slightly creeped out by Maria being so possessive. At least she just got upset.

Now we get the first Yozora scene in a while, and guess what? It’s just her, hating on everyone else as usual. She is so damn depressing. First she talks about how she hates the student council president, then moves onto how she hates Sena and that she should die too. Well Yozora, I hope you die. You’re actually impotent in making friends with Kodaka again. If he wasn’t such a plank he would have told you about your attitude by now. Speaking of the student council, we see Yusa in this scene. Once, then she isn’t seen at all. Pointless to even introduce her for that really. Now for what made this episode great. Kodaka sees Rika on the roof top and decides to go up to see what she’s doing. Rika says something to him and Kodaka replies with his generic “What was that?”. Rika is pissed. Mad pissed. She comes straight out with it, saying how he pretends not to hear, pretends not to notice, rejects everyone’s feelings as if he’s afraid of people having feelings for him. Afraid of accepting other people. Stubborn as ever, Kodaka has the cheek to pretend he didn’t catch what she said, so she tells him he needs to move on, before Kodaka yells at her to stop. Walking off, she says something about him already knowing what they all are. For the first time, he doesn’t actually hear what she says. But he knows what it was. Friends. All of them are already friends, and he doesn’t want to accept that. What’s he moving on from? Obviously the past between him and Yozora. He doesn’t want something like that to happen again, so he’s ignoring any proper friendly interaction with the others. Ignoring any form of potential bonding or affection. I guess if he does admit to them all being friends, there’s no point in the club either, right? Well, either way, I loved the scene. It looks like the ending to this might actually be great. I just hope they finish it properly and don’t leave anything out.


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