Pokemon: Best Wishes 2 Episode N Episode 3

Cheren, The New Gym Leader!

So, Episode N is only one-cour, and N does his usual act of buggering off somewhere. How wonderful. N and his unusual actions aside, I think it’s time to explain why I wasn’t really very interested in this episode.

Cheren is the first gym leader of Black Two and White Two, and a companion in the first game. However, whilst they do have a few of the trademarks of the games themselves (I remember my first play-through where I couldn’t find the gym and had to search for it on the Internet), the idea of an episode dedicated to this was kinda odd.

However, when the trio actually arrived before the gym was completed, I was kinda hopeful for one of those odd little side-episodes, but it turned out it was going to be a battle episode anyway, where Satoshi and Cheren show off to all the kids in the school. However, the actually plot which game through is the whole strain of being a gym leader on Cheren, something which was actually carried through in the games themselves. Rather oddly, the episode does turn itself around, thanks to Kibago and Pikachu messing around with a computer system and setting all the Pokemon on a riot.

It was pretty amusing to see our cast being bullied by an army of unevolved Pokemon, and it showed the dangerous of having a Pokemon school full of wild Pokemon, especially with what happens when baby Pokemon get scared. It did a wonderful job of showing off Cheren’s character, despite all of my fears and doubts about this being yet another battling episode.

My problems with the episode came around when the battle actually came around. Cheren’s a junior gym leader, and Oshawott has battled in the league. Whilst Cheren did win using his intelligence from knowing how Oshawott’s act, it just feels wrong on paper. If this episode did anything, it showed me that guessing what an episode will be about is a bad idea, I suppose.


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