Pokemon: Best Wishes 2 Episode N Episode 4

Colress VS Looker! The Team Plasma Conspiracy!

Okay, here we go. The debut of Team Plasma appears in the start of the episode, as they use a Galvantula to conduct experiments on, with Colress claiming that this will help him see what makes a Pokemon’s strength shine. It promises to be a fascinating episode, and shows it by wasting no time.

Satoshi and company get attacked by rampaging Amoonguss upon arriving at Floccesy Town. As they proceed to the Pokemon centre with the injured Pokemon, it becomes clear very quickly that all of the mountain Pokemon have been attacking the residents of the town. The only clue anyone has to go off is that a strange lot has been seen at the observatory near the mountains, but nobody has any time to look around with the town under attack.

The Rocket Gang isn’t far behind them, either, as they also express interest in the mountain Pokemon. However, as Pikachu and Kibago turn on the group, along with a handful of the wild Pokemon, they get saved by a passing hiker, who reveals himself to be Looker from the International Police, hot on the trail of Team Plasma. All of this seems to amuse Team Rocket…well, Team Rocket minus Meowth, as he’s been constrained in place so he won’t rampage.

With the security systems on the mountain activating during the middle of Ghetis and Colress’s discussion, Team Plasma notices the intruders and sends attackers to keep them from entering. However, mid-battle, Team Plasma fall back to let their experiments attack in their place. However, when even Looker gets defeated by Colress’s radio waves, the only hope rests on Pikachu and Team Rocket, as they disable the program and break it. Why? To steal it for themselves. With Team Plasma setting a time bomb shortly afterwards and retreating in all due haste, the only thing left is for Team Rocket to gloat of their success.

The episode wasn’t actually the epic I expected, instead, spending all of it’s time towards building up the Plasma Gang and giving Team Rocket some sort of real purpose in this battle.


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