Pokemon: Best Wishes 2 Episode N Episode 5

The Foggy Floccesy Ranch! Ampharos’ Light!

Obviously, since they’re in Floccesy town, they have to check out the Pokemon Ranch, and whilst there, they learn that there are some troubles brewing.

Namely, how the Mareep just aren’t interested in listening to what Ampharos has to tell them. The start of the episode features Iris’s Dragonite acting like it’s burdened with the biggest troublemakers in the world as it’s trying to help Ampharos.

However, with the bunch of them being distracted, Team Rocket show a distinct interest in the Mareep for their electric powers, and by using some form of mind-controlling laser, they pick off the isolated Mareep one by one. Whilst all of this is going on, the bond between Iris and Dragonite continues to grow, and it’s actualy grown into a pretty odd one.

Team Rocket continues to waltz off with the Mareep like they’re counting sheep, When the group confront the Rocket Gang, it’s a narrow loss, but they can’t produce enough electricity to subdue Pikachu, and after going after Ampharos, it sends the villains packing with Thunderpunch. It was a predictable filler-ish episode that was probably used to make it seem like time has passed when they run into N and the Plasma Gang later on.


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