Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 22

Dash Through Those Brilliant Days

Yeah, I knew something was up. Shiina must have heard that she was the reason for Sakurasou being demolished.

However terribly Sorata and Nanami feel, there’s still someone looking out for them in the Jin-Misaki team. However, alarm bells start ringing when Shiina is nowhere to be found, it gets shown that Shiina has changed for the worse in adult eyes after all, but, well, i’m wondering if even their reliable teacher knew why she was leaving. However, yet again, Akasaka notices something nobody else did when they discover the thing she left behind with her bag; and that’s that Shiina isn’t in the picture at all. In other words, if the petition didn’t work out, Shiina was going to leave. However, that’s not the only thing that’s painful.

Nanami…man. I knew there was going to be something with this love triangle, but…Nanami almost confessed to Sorata, yet changed it to “glad I met you”. In other words, Nanami friend-zoned herself. It’s about time she had something good happen to her, seriously…

However, for Akasaka and Rina to run into each other yet again. I suppose that at the worst case, they might be close to a happy ending. If that wasn’t enough, their caring Chihiro might run into some form of happy ending, and if that’s not enough, Misaki and Jin might get a happy ending, as the school president gets involved in some scheme.

It’s also pretty symbolic for Shiina and Sorata to run into each other at the station, but to have a set of tracks between them. I mean, even though Sorata managed to blurt out all of his feelings, the idea that Shiina left really would have just been a nail too far, and pretty thankfully, she didn’t leave. I suppose it might be the curse of the successful, but for Shiina to try to take things on herself…and then for Nanami to appear and lecture her…it’s the sign of characters that have grown almost perfectly over these last 22 episodes, regardless of the slump that the episodes had in the middle.

After all this over the last few episodes, it’s only natural for a happy ending to appear. Come on, they deserve it…


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