Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 23

Graduation Ceremony

Let’s put all the angst aside, all of the sadness and all of the crappy love triangles, even if it’s just for a single episode – let’s celebrate what makes Sakurasou the best high school rom-com that i’ve ever seen.

It’s quite clearly the cast and the execution  They created a perfect ceremony where Misaki could shine, then after she’d done her part, they let Jin shine, then Kanda, then Nanami, then Shiina, then Ryunoske, then Rita, then Chihiro, then the supporting cast.  This wasn’t even the final episode, but they gave everyone a turn in the spotlight which caused them to shine their brightest.

To be quite honest, it’s an episode that you need to watch to fully appreciate, since Sorata’s shouting and Misaki’s speech need to be felt to be understood, but I had that warm, fuzzy feeling a lot during this episode. With Sakurasou saved by overwhelming demand, the final appears to clear up all of the romance problems that remain.

To tl;dr the entire post, everyone in Sakurasou got to show what makes them wonderful characters to watch,  and did it in a wonderful way.


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