Pokemon: Best Wishes 2 Episode N Episode 6

N Returns! Operation Save Braviary!

Stopping a Plasma Truck in transit and rescuing the captive Pokemon inside it is all in a day’s work for N, it appears, as he makes a pretty stylish return this week.

It’s probably pretty easy to guess that the Braviary was to be used for one of Colress’s controlling experiments, so there’s no doubt as to why N saved it. There’s just doubt as to why he shielded it with his own body, as that’s kinda…kinda…well, dumb. It shows a lot about his radical character, especially when he refuses to let Satoshi and the group get involved with Team Plasma even further. However, he probably didn’t count on just how precious the target was to Team Plasma, as they launch a covert operation on the Pokemon Center to recapture Braviary.

Confronting a fleeing N in the woods, they spare nothing in pursuing him, going as far as to attempt to incapacitate him. It was very foolhardy for him to escape on his own with no backup, but that’s his personality coming across, I suppose. He’s rational and quick thinking, and it’s really appreciated to have a character like him around. However, his ability to touch the hearts of the Pokemon he gets involved with can often surprise even him, as the Braviary refuses to leave N alone. With it escaping and running off to find N again, there was doubt that a last minute rescue would occur. Whilst it does, it fits amazingly well with the theme of the episode, and actually served to develop N more than the alternative would have.

The Zekrom against Reshiram element shows up yet again, much to my personal enjoyment, and this is in the difference to N and Satoshi’s attitude over battles. There are times where you need to fight, after all, and as long as violance isn’t abused, it’s the best way to stop thugs from rampaging. N appears to have learnt an important lesson over this incident, however, and that’s how different elements and different powers are often more suited to other people. With N joining the group as they continue to head towards the White Ruins, the coming episodes promise to get even better, as Team Plasma continues to step up it’s activities.


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