Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Episode 11

Episode 11

-I’m A Confused Chicken-


Okay so it wasn’t that good that I was speechless, but it was pretty amazing when I put it next to my expectations and how season one panned out. In fact quite a lot of this episode was average, only to be saved by the ending. At first I thought the whole episode was going to be amazing, starting with Rika collapsed in her “office”. I instantly thought it was tragic but I was wrong again as she only had a cold. How disappointing. She didn’t have chance to finish editing the movie, so Yozora decides to cancel the screening. The reason being that it’d be pointless if they can’t all watch it together for the first time. I didn’t know Yozora had a heart. She even mentions how they may have been relying on Rika too much, which was what led to her overworking and becoming ill. It surprised me, considering how vile Yozora had been recently. But then again, maybe she’s realised that it’s different when it comes to friends.

Yusa is back this episode, and impresses me again with her ability to see how decent Kodaka actually is. It’s as if she knows his personality more than the others (exception to Rika) do already. I’d say I’d prefer it if everyone else knew this, but it isn’t much of a problem any more since the scenes of him being looked down on from season one don’t seem to happen now. Not to mention the anime is based on the fact he can’t make friends. Everyone thinking he was cool would make it hard not to have any friends. After this, Kodaka goes to visit Rika in what I assume is the nurses office. Yeah she’s bed ridden because of a cold. Weak bodies? Anyway, she asks him to read a book to her, and of course it’s a BL novel. Being the great friend he is, he slowly reads it nervously. By the looks of it, Rika is recording it too. Although nothing else is said about this throughout the whole episode, so it makes me wonder what that was all about. Why show the recorder under her pillow if nothing is going to happen? Ah well. In the novel a “yaoi hole” is mentioned. Of course nothing like that exists, but Rika was certain it existed. Oh my. It just goes to show that Kobato isn’t the only socially inept one. Not having friends, especially of the boy kind, has led Rika to be pretty naïve when it comes to male anatomy.

The next day, Rika texts them all saying she’s finished editing the movie. Finally, I’ve actually been wanting to see this. Rika apologizes for the delay, and obviously they all say something. “Foolish humans” Kobato needs to die. Um, so the movie starts and I’m disappointed that we only get to see a few select parts, and none of them have any speech, it’s just special effects and stuff like that. Oh well I guess. After the movie, we get more Yusa. A hell of a lot of Yusa. Only this time she isn’t impressing me, she’s annoying. She confronts the neighbours club and basically tries to make out the club should be closed, until Yozora shuts her down and she runs out crying. Usually I’d say Yozora is being mean but she was entirely truthful and Yusa was the one being idiotic. So far so good in terms of Yozora, much better than she was last episode. Annoyingly, Yusa comes back yet again. This time she has a valid point. Turns out Maria isn’t actually a sister (nun), and she can’t be classed as the club moderator. So the club has to be closed. However, Sena calls her dad, the chairman, and actually gets Maria turned into an actual teacher so that she can be the legit moderator for the club. Yusa is pretty mad, so Sena threatens to get her expelled if she tries anything else. That is so harsh, yet amazing. Using her power like that to get rid of threats isn’t exactly morally right, but if you have to do it, do it.

But anyway, all of this was pointless. Now is where the real action starts. Sena brings up the engagement between her and Kodaka, and says they should just get married. She explains that the promise isn’t an issue, blah blah blah, basically, she just wants to marry him. Everyone else in the room seems shocked. Then she comes out with it though; she’s in love with him. That was bold. Saying it out right in front of all the others. At this point, Yozora is shaking like crazy. I’ve never seen her so scared. Well, it’s her own fault. If you like someone, you should tell them soon, especially if the person you like is surrounded by other girls constantly. Anyway, Sena apparently didn’t realise she’d come out with it in front of the others, but goes on to say it doesn’t matter, and that she was eventually going to tell him anyway. Then Kodaka.. ugh. He asks what she said, pretending he didn’t hear. The look on Rika’s face when he said this. I mean, damn. I would have just got up and smacked some sense into him. He did hear her of course, but then as soon as Sena went to repeat herself, he ran out of the room saying he had stuff to do, ending on the face of an upset Rika.

Overall, the movie scene and the Yusa scenes were pretty pointless. If they’re going to fill up an episode, I’d prefer major plot when there’s only one episode left after this. It did have quite a few laugh out loud moments though, so it wasn’t all that pointless, since I guess it is a comedy. The last scene was amazing though, and I really hope it’s resolved in the next and last episode. Hopefully the ending is decent, too. I’m saying it now, I do want him to end up with one of them, preferably Sena after that. Surely they can’t leave it on her heartbreak, and definitely not on a cliff hanger. While I’d love to be able to watch more as the character development has been great this season, I’d much prefer it to end. Properly.


2 thoughts on “Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Episode 11

  1. If I remember right, the end of Episode 11 in the first season was when Yozora showed up with her hair cut, and Kodaka recognized her, so in each of the next-to-last episodes, a major plot point was revealed. This year the reveal is even more dramatic, and I just don’t see any way the last episode can tie up all the loose ends. If the author is working on the anime, and the novel isn’t complete, why force an anime original ending that might conflict with the novel, or nail down the ending of the novel before it’s finished? With Yusa being introduced so late, and possibly the Student Council president as well, I’m looking for an OVA or additional season in order to keep viewers from coming to a dead stop with a serious case of whiplash.

    • I haven’t actually read any of the novel, so my view on the anime isn’t effected by the amount of things it’s apparently skipped. In that sense, I wouldn’t mind an anime original ending, since anything that happens is new to me either way. Although from the sounds of it, there’s a hell of a lot to finish up, and as you said, some characters haven’t been around for a while. I wouldn’t mind another season or OVAs, I just want something good to happen next episode. I don’t think I could take a cliffhanger, it could be a year until new episodes are released.

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