Gaming Review: Rose Guns Days -Season 1-

Alrightie, let’s give this a go. As a writer, there’s nobody I admire more than Ryukishi07, and i’d like to claim to be a religious fan of most of his work. However, shortly after finishing up Umineko No Naku Koro Ni, he decided to take a break from his main franchise to practice his writing technique. This…is the result of it. An odd series about a different take on history, of prostitutes, the mafia and a young girl named Rose.

The idea behind this thing can actually be called into question, as it’s all pretty out there and ridiculous. When I started, I was worried that it would try to glorify it’s gritty themes, and thankfully, it avoids all of it. It doesn’t attempt to claim that being a prostitute and a woman of the night is a good thing, and it really doesn’t claim that being in the mafia is good. It does, however, claim that being in the mafia and having money can help you change other people around you, and that’s something which I don’t have any problems with. The last problem I have to mention is the one about WWII. It takes place in a different timeline, but there’s no denying that Japan is a villain (Justin will love to explain this to you :L)

However, in the short space of time that this takes place in…with only four episodes, he creates some amazingly likeable characters with strong morals and strong personalities. Whilst some of them are typical Mary Sue’s and some of them are walking cliche’s, the fact that they are well written and well fleshed out should more than make them worthy of featuring in it. When it comes to the villain of this season, it also does an incredible job of showing that he’s neither right nor wrong.

It also did an incredible job with the main character, even though he spared no expense in showing that he’s pretty overpowered. I must admit that out of the Ryu progantists, however, Leo is my favourite one. He wastes no time angsting or messing around, and he’s actually incredibly smart. He didn’t get that much backstory this time, but I suspect it’ll all come next round. Infact, I wouldn’t hesitate to say that the characters have been given a sprinkling of 07th Expansion magic. So if the characters are spiced up, what about the plot? And the writing, for that matter?

Well, the writing is top notch. It manages the perfect balance of light-heartedness and seriousness, and his style that he’s used in previous works really comes through, with the different narrative methods and styles all helping to create a world that’s hardly worth sniggering at. They give a very dark perceptive of Japan, and a very realistic one whilst you’re at it. He leaves no holds barred in the darker moments of the story, and that’s exactly what you do into it hoping for. He even manages to make the things which you wouldn’t think be epic become epic. I know that I havn’t touched much upon the story, but these things are better left to be experienced. Needless to say, it’s pretty epic.

And then, well…there’s the epic parts to the story. Being part of a nightclub that could be considered to have criminal ties to the underworld, there are more than a handful of fistfights and gunfights in the game. They’re a far cry from his old fighting styles, too, and the majority of it is used through a fun little minigame and CG’s to portray the actual fight, along with the amazing BGM that backs it all up. Be it mowing down a room with a machine gun or getting involved in a fist fight with gangster goons, everything feels epic and amazing.

Rose Guns Days is a far cry from previous works, and it’s no Umineko or Higurashi. But it’s its own thing, and that’s that it’s simple to understand and get into and a lot of fun. There are no confusing hooks or turning chessboards around anymore, it’s straightforward fun and entertainment. Whilst it may be better suited to another writer, the style of the writer himself carries the show forward and spins it around a few times, and it all comes together to create a package that’s more than worth reading.

If i’m honest, my only complaint is the cliffhanger. People seriously need to stop doing that, it just makes fans and the like spoil themselves to future events.


3 thoughts on “Gaming Review: Rose Guns Days -Season 1-

  1. I dont think you need to worry about being like seventh expansion to be hones.t you have a really enjoyable style to read and i completly agree with everything you said about this vn. i actually think it might be better than higurashi tbh

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