Tamako Market Episode 11

Who Knew She’d Be a Princess?

Tamako Market episode 11

…I sure as heck didn’t! But so it seems that Tamako is destined to become Princess Mochiyucky, leaving her the talk around town. But drama unfolds as everyone becomes tense about the situation. And does Tamako really want to become a princess and marry someone she hasn’t even met before? What about Mochizou, Tamako’s dad, even her friends?! We’ll have to stay tuned to find out…

The episode starts off back at Choi and Dela’s homeland, right where the anime starts. This is the beginning of the story, the part we never saw; Where Dela set off out on his quest and, if I’m honest, actually was SKINNY. But either way, everything’s beginning to make sense now, however it was such a dramatic twist from the way I thought the anime would start out. I just personally thought that there would be a sweet romantic plot, a lot of slice-of-life antics and returning Dela home, with lots of laughs. But no! The story in Tamako Market is actually getting pretty tense, and I really wanna know what happens in the final episode.

Speaking of which, episode 11 was still enjoyable, but it was mainly the big build-up episode for the finale, so the story didn’t really progress further and there was not really any character development (maybe a bit of Tamako, but that was it). I’m actually quite looking forward to it, and I do hope we get a happy ending.

Everyone’s still so shocked though that Tamako was the princess Dela was supposed to be searching for, and I think things are becoming a lot clearer now as to what’s going on. In a way, when I found out Tamako was the bride of the prince, I felt really down about it, and it feels like none of the characters are speaking up their feelings on the situation. Which is what annoys me. It’s not realistic at all: I mean, if YOU were Tamako, or you were in Mochizou’s position or Tamako’s father, you wouldn’t want to just sit by and let this all happen. I mean SURE, if Tamako was happy about it, let her go with it, but it seems a little too fishy. BESIDES. WHERE DO CHOI AND DELA EVEN LIVE? But Choi and Dela are beginning to see Tamako in another light now, addressing her by “Tamako-sama” and as a princess. I don’t think many people have managed to adjust to this new side of Tamako, and all the townsfolk seem a little bit worried about this change, but are still urging Tamako on.

I don’t particularly have much to really say about this episode, as all it does is pretty much show people’s thoughts and opinions and feelings on the current drama of Tamako being the supposed prince’s bride.

Tamako’s friends (so that’s Midori, Kanna and Shiori) all seem to be a bit lost on the situation and feel that everything is changing too fast, and they’re still a little bit shocked by the events.

Mochizou is… Obviously heartbroken. He wants to be with Tamako, but he also wants what’s best for her, so if she’s happy, he’ll let her go. But man, Mochizou! Don’t let her go so easily!

Of course, Tamako’s father is opposing the idea, and nobody really seems to care about he’s feeling.

Tamako though, seems to be blocking out all her feelings and emotions, and trying to make it seem like nothing is bothering her. But… It’s like we saw another side of Tamako. When Mochizou gives her some advice on what to do through the cup and string, she closes the curtains and gets all angry… But also very cutely! She doesn’t want to go, and normally we’ve seen Tamako get distracted by what’s going on and doesn’t seem to care much, but honest, no one really seems to be showing any sign of concern for Tamako. They’re all just amazed that there’s a princess in their small shopping district. But they just don’t seem to care how Tamako feels. She doesn’t seem to think she’s the princess and she even admits to Choi she’s not sure she wants to do this, after a small meeting with the prince. And… I feel like seeing that side of Tamako just makes you realise she isn’t just a pathetic moe character who never knows what’s going on. She’s an intelligent girl, just can act a little dense at times, but maybe she’s just… Sometimes too afraid to voice her feelings at times.

The rest of the episode… Was pretty much a build up to the end of the episode, and the finale. Tamako has been collecting small voucher/coupon/stamp card things from around the shopping district for years now (so when you go to a shop and purchase something, you get a stamp on the point card), and she finally had filled in 100 of these point cards! So, because she was also the FIRST person to ever complete them all, she wins a small medal, with rabbits pounding mochi on it. Tamako seems to care about the little things in her life, but it still meant a lot to her, and it was actually quite cute seeing her get so excited and happy over it. But. Big dilemma. SHE LOSES THIS MEDAL. And at first, I thought Choi had stolen it from her, and would only give it back if she married the prince… B-but I guess that’s a bit too extreme, heh.

Eventually… As she flaps and panics outside the shopping district, a strange voice calls out to her “Is this what you’re looking for?”. The medal is held out in front of her, and as she looks up, she sees a mysterious tanned looking boy – much like Choi – standing before her, with bodyguards either side of him, wrapped in a black scarf and coat. It’s… The prince?

Episode 11 was not very eventful, so I apologise for the shorter post this time. But, I’m sure, we won’t be disappointed for the finale of Tamako Market, coming this Wednesday. What will happen? Will Tamako marry the boy? Was it all a mistake? What about her friends… What about Mochizou? And more importantly… WHAT WILL THE PRINCE SAY ABOUT DELA?


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