Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 24

Welcome to Sakurasou

The end is nigh, and let’s have a peek if everyone gets that happy end that they deserve…

With the promise that she’ll be back, Nanami backs her small bag and sets off. She’s probably been inspired by recent success and by her loveable Chihiro, she prepares for the uphill battle of convincing her parents. However, you know…nobody can ever tell just how much Chihiro listens and knows. However, acting tough seems to last right until the end, that is…until she ends up going out for a drink to celebrate her students graduation.

Next up is Rita departing, and obviously there’s some hillarious anticts to be had between Rita and Akasaka. With a parting kiss that’s enough to enrage the little maid, she gave some pretty crappy ideas to Jin, who ends up giving Misaki a parting kiss of her own, along with the form in a love letter from way earlier in the franchise. They seem to be running along with goodbyes, as Nanami’s turn is next. However, that’s not a goodbye as much as it is a “See you soon”, and then there were four.

However, Misaki’s departure seemed to have the most impact, as it was then when they noticed that they were really all alone. Akasaka, Sorata and Shiina, with Sorata gravitating towards getting some practice in at game engines. It’s something I did for a while, messing around with free engines. However, Akasaka takes his own leave as he claims his leave for a meeting, and as such, everything is full circle. The cherry blossoms are blooming yet again, and the wind and the feel captures Sorata and Shiina all over again.

It’s not long before Misaki’s speech from last episode seems to echo through Sorata’s head, and that’s to fill the empty rooms at Sakurasou once again. Heck, it’s so full circle that Sorata’s been talked into doing weird things for the sake of Shiina’s manga, and the two of them end up kissing at long last. Or, well, it appears that way…until Sorata gets mugged by his cats.

I like those kinda endings, you know.But that’s not all that it has to throw out, it’s got an extra little trick. New residents in Sakurasou; a pervert and a girl who wants her space and peace and quiet. Neither of them know what they’ve gotten into, but at least Nanami’s returned to meet them. However, well…the moment the two newcomers turn up is probably the worst possible time. Nanami’s acting Sorata’s script for a horror, and…well, it all created a ridiculous scenario. Shiina has the new guy stripping, Yuuko is harrassing her brother after actually passing the entrance exam, and then Mitaki Misaki, who already filled in the marriage registration form without asking Jin turns up next day.

It’s a great end, actually. It’s got drama, but it’s got comedy and the promise of a fresh start. It has the open cliffhanger, and I have to admit that I wouldn’t be against a second season if it does come around. Hell, from the moment the newbies appeared, I had a smirk on my face.


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