Tamako Market Episode 12

Another Year Ends

Tamako Market episode 12

I wasn’t expecting this. No one was. No one was ready for it. Not even Tamako herself I don’t think. Nobody. But a sigh of relief and a hip hip hooray! The ending of Tamako Market is here, so let’s end it with a bang~! And you sure won’t be disappointed… More cute antics and laughs are coming your way.


I’m speechless.

Tamako Market was slow paced. But it has not failed to disappoint me this time.

The episode was very quick. And so much happened in a short space of time. So if you haven’t watched the episode yet, I suggest you go do it now. Simply put, in case you hadn’t worked out at the end of the last episode, the mysterious boy with Tamako’s medal at the end of episode 11 was Mechya Mochiyucky… The prince. Which shouldn’t be much of a surprise if I’m honest.

The Kitashirakawa family of course all welcome the prince into their household. They’ve been so kind to just welcome random people into their home so openly but, and I’m surprised Tamako’s father even approved of it but… Oh well. Everything’s been all topsy turvy recently in the shopping district and New Year’s Eve is quickly approaching once again, meaning a busy time for the mochi shops, yet again, and also Tamako’s birthday… So let’s hope people don’t actually forget Tamako’s birthday this year amidst all the drama.

Either way, things were quickly resolved amongst all the chaos of the prince’s arrival. Once again, Mochizou and all of Tamako’s friends remind Tamako they will support her with whatever decision she chooses to make. Although, it seems deep down that Tamako is adamant she isn’t the prince’s bride. There’s also a meeting at the baths where all the shopping district members seem to be interested about Mechya Mochiyucky. I think all the Mochiyuckys are still much of a mystery and where have they even come from? And what kind of country has talking birds for gods sake? Anyways… Choi seems very overwhelmed what with the sudden attention on the prince, and honest, I just wanted to run and hug her, she seemed so disappointed… She probably just wanted a bit of alone time with the prince… GEE. In my eyes, Choi is truly the prince’s bride!

Everyone seems very stressed out. The whole shopping district was completely empty once Tamako got home and… It began to stress her out too. I have no idea what happened, but then the screen and camera got all shakey and… I thought she was gonna faint or… Something. It was something to do with her mother. Apparently the empty shopping district reminded her of her now late mother. Huh? Oh okay then. Yeah just add that in for randomness why not. IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. YES. I GET IT. They probably cleared the shopping district ages ago and had  a meeting before when her mother died and it reminded her of what happened that day too. That’s my prediction. BUT WHY ADD THAT IN AT THE END. WE’RE NOT GOING TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT, WE’RE NOT GOING TO FIND OUT ANY MORE ABOUT HER MOTHER, THE ANIME IS ENDING NOW… WHY. UGH.

Whatever. Dela wants to know what Tamako thinks of the situation. And if it isn’t obvious enough, the shopping district is her home. She’s had so many great memories here, and doesn’t want to leave. And, it looks like Dela doesn’t want to leave anyway. He doesn’t want to see Tamako leave either. In fact, I’m not sure many people would want to either. The whole idea of an… Arranged marriage and things like this in an anime is a bit odd and I still can’t come to terms with the sudden plot twist, but… Either way, the issues are beginning to be resolved. Dela manages to tell the prince all at once that Tamako is not the bride, heck, even Tamako comes to the meeting and apologises by saying she doesn’t want to leave. At thsi point I felt instantly more relaxed knowing things could hopefully end happily, and heck, maybe Mochizou will have his time to shine now too. THAT’S WHAT I HOPED.

And Choi admits that she had not even read Tamako’s fortune yet, so it is possible that this was all a lie and Tamako is not really a worthy candidate. And we find out that she isn’t in the end. It was all a big misunderstanding. I liked how they built up all the drama and supsense, and you knew that it would all tumble down at the end and things would go back to the peaceful way they were before. The way Choi tried to tell that Tamako was the prince’s bride was the scent she held. Actually, the scent she was smelling was the smell from the florist’s flowers. Mechya knows this because the florist presented the prince a flower and realised that Tamako was not actually the bride (ACTUALLY, AT ONE POINT I THOUGHT THE FLORIST WAS THE BRIDE B-BUT… THERE WE GO). Sure, she may of had that mole on her neck, which is apparently another sign of showing you’re a worthy candidate to be the bride, but heck, even I have a small mole on my neck right there too, and I’m hardly princess-material, so I’m glad that Tamako was not actually the princess… And the look of relief of cute little Mochizou’s face. Ahh. Well I’m glad things have ended well. It may have been one heck of a ride for Tamako and friends, but things are not over yet.

So now it’s time to say good bye to Choi, Mechya and Dela. I’m sure without them, the shopping district would be incomplete. I’ve grown too attached to sweet little Choi, and seeing her have to say good bye to her friends was really sad, and I wanted to cry for her and ahh. Even I think I grew a little attached to Dela-chan. Despite him being a completely asshole, he was funny and made me laugh on many occasions. He was what brought the whole Tamako Market experience together. Without him, the anime would be incomplete!

Half way through their journey home though… It seems the Mochiyucky crew are missing someone.


Oh, you thought you could get rid of that sneaky bird so easily, but OHHH NO. Dela is showing no signs of leaving! He can’t leave his beloved mochi behind… Nor his beloved Tamako! Ah god. I love this bird. I know I might have said how much I hated him on the past entries, but god, I couldn’t stop laughing. Dela decided to stay until New Year’s (so he could have more mochi most likely), and New Year’s can only mean one thing: Tamako’s birthday.

Amidst all the drama and chaos, it seems the anime ended happily. Whilst Dela wanted to say good bye without the girls knowing, it all goes back to where it started. Back in the florist. Where Tamako met Dela, and where Dela would soon be reunited with Tamako once again, after he was… Supposed to leave. Packed away in a box with flowers once again, the box of flowers was… Actually going to be a birthday present to Tamako from Mochizou… Of course he would never forget! He would never! As he awkwardly walks over to Tamako, he says “Oh, so it’s your birthday today, right?” Um, Mochizou, don’t try to play it all cool. You KNEW it was her birthday, and you could never forget that. As Tamako opens the box excitedly… She had the best present she could ever ask for… And the worst surprise for Mochizou.

Maybe one day, maybe one day, huh? Life in the shopping district never stops, but I think, finally, things were back to how they were before… At peace.

The End

The End.


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