Gintama Episode 265

Dog Food Doesn’t Have as Much Flavor as You’d Think


Well. Here we have it. It’s been a long slew of reruns and long arcs, but we finally have a new single episode story.

What do you mean it’s over?

What a sappy sweet ol’ episode. As the Yorozuya run out of money, and consequently good, there’s only measly amounts of dog food left. Gintoki and Kagura take their share though, and the dog is just about done dealing with this level negligence. So off he goes to face the world, coming across a sick little puppy.Reminded of how he was once abandoned and found, he takes care of the puppy, attempting to find the both of them food. Adorable. Sadaharu rarely gets his moments, so an entire episode revolved around him makes for a pretty neat experience. Helps that he has more personality than Shinpachi too.

And he’s roaming in a town filled to the brim with wonderful personality. Can’t get around without bumping into some freak, be it the Shinsengumi or Sacchan. And they’re all fun and games. I love them. They lose out to Katsura though.  Oh do they ever lose out. Complaints rang out when he didn’t show up during Courtesan of a Nation, despite making up a crucial third of Shoyou’s important students. But when it’s explained away as Katsura on STAND-BY for two months waiting to be found in a game of Kick the Can, when he says THE LINE, how can you honestly have any qualms?

What a beautiful idiot.

It all comes full circle.

It all comes full circle.

But beyond the gags and the comedy clubs, the episode is all about the Yorozuya family. As Sadaharu frantically attempts to keep the puppy sheltered and alive, Gintoki lets the dog do its own thing. Taking care of yourself is certainly difficult on its own, but taking care of another living being is exceedingly more demanding. If you’re not willing to share even the last bits of kibble, not willing to give the bigger portion of fish to your provider, the family is going to be strained. Being in charge is never easy, and the sacrifices are going to be made by all members, but it’s never out of malice and ill will. It’s because you love the family.

And I can say this sappy stuff with a straight face, because “An old friend that doesn’t change ain’t too bad isn’t it” was the bg track for the final scene. It renders yours heart helpless, and makes your brain mush. If… if this is what we’re going to leave the series on… I’m okay with that. It was nice. Played straight, but still… it was nice. It had a hook, and it reeled me right in. There’s still plenty of material I want to see animated, but for now, I’m good.


But let’s talk about this bad boy before we finish. Coming out the 6th of July, it’s the second Gintama movie. Script penned by the Hideaki Sorachi himself. Gintama: “The Final Act! Odd Jobs Forever!”

The chances of this movie legit being about Gintoki’s past are about as astronomical as it being the Final Act.

But boy does it look pretty. And like always, the staff has a great sense of humor about it all. They know we know that they couldn’t adapt as many episodes because of the work put into the movie, but that didn’t stop them from teasing the fans over the past half-year. Never change, you’re the best. Benizakura-hen was based on old material, so it was still Sorachi when he was starting off. I’m curious as to how a more experienced gorilla manages to make the transition to the big screen. Well, it’s still a ways away.

Who knows, maybe they’re not lying for once. Miracles can still occur in the 21st century.


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