Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 43

Armored Titan

One week left until we’re back where it all began. Yet as much as time presses forth, I’m glad some things never change. Humanity is ever screwed (⊙‿⊙✿)

What humanity exactly entails though, it is a mystery. For all we don’t know about Titans that threaten to destroy society, we understand equally little about the people who surround our trio. Wall Sina is a mystery. The religious sect is a mystery. The military is a mystery, the rest of 104th squad is a mystery. All we knew of these guys were their immediate surface qualities; Ymir is sarcastic and blunt, Sasha is a total ditz. And while I’ve desperately wanted to know more about these guys, I never grasped how intentional this was.  We’re not supposed to know much about these guys, since we simply don’t know who they really are.

Like the Armored and Colossal Titans here. In all their revealed glory. Proud ol’ Reiner and sweet lil’ Bertholdt; enemies of humanity. For every advance made, Attack on Titan always makes sure to remind us just how terrible reality is. That which was thought to be good, struck away so abruptly and monumentally. Mikasa, who chastised Eren during the Female Type Titan’s last stand, stopped being superhuman just long enough to see the terror in the eyes of whom she considered friends. God, Bertholdt in particular has a look of both distress and absolute shock. He’s still reeling from Reiner’s irreversible actions, to which he had no say in, and without a moment’s notice, he has a blade to his neck, IN his neck. The guy had all of 0 seconds to react to what could have been his end. I’m almost a little sympathetic to him, it’s legitimately scary to have Mikasa working against you. Even for the series’ most notorious threat.

Though now in his massive titan form, he seems to have some semblance of a game plan. He has Ymir in his clutches, the only other confirmed titan who doesn’t seem to be against humanity. OR even if that isn’t relevant, she’s still a titan that the two had no idea about. It makes sense to grab her when she’s both incapable of retaliating and can prove to be as or more valuable than Eren. What’s more curious though is how he also grabs another soldier, definable features conveniently hidden from view, eating them along with Ymir. Like.


Who is this person. Was there an important reason for taking them as well. Do they have some sort of value. This could be another titan human, or is there something else entirely? Furthermore, most recognizable characters seem to be accounted for, besides who, Hannes? I honestly doubt he, of all people, is a titan, although what he does have is a connection to Eren, one that I’m sure those acquainted with our titan boy would know about. Maybe what we have here is a bargaining chip. Maybe not. There’s not much to support it, other than Hannes being the only obvious character not seen since the big reveal. Hopefully the guy is still okay. And not a scummy traitor to humanity as well.

Easy-bake Titan Oven.

Thankfully the scouting league, under the leadership of Hanji, appear to have the situation under control. The Colossal Titan proves to pay for his size with his speed, a pretty obvious if not totally understandable weakness. Daunting for sure if hit by one his flailing limbs, but overall fairly avoidable when you keep your wits about you. The problem is of course that we’re in Attack on Titan of all series, so nothing is going to go that easily. A weakness that clear is going to have some sort of defense. Reminiscent of his early appearances, the Colossal Titan emits great amounts of vapor at will, both blistering hot and with enough pressure to push all 3D gear cables back. It leaves him immobile, but untouchable, rendering the scouting division helpless. With nothing to be done, it’s time to stall out this over-sized novelty candle

It’s sad that it’s come to this, but when dealing with opponents of this caliber, Hanji makes the decision that both are to be killed if the opportunity arises. Totally rational decision. Not only do they know from the fight with Annie that they’re more than simply dangerous, but the safety of both Eren and Ymir takes priority to capturing these two. Annie is still in captivity, so it’s not as if they don’t have some source of information, they just can’t get to it quite yet. Reminds me though, it’s very likely that Reiner and Bertholdt don’t even know of Annie’s capture yet. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that info hasn’t gotten out very far yet, has it? Makes me wonder what exactly might happen once they find out, if it ever comes to that. Also, some people have definitely noted this already, but it’s a cool little detail. If ya remember the ranks the top 10 rookies of the 104th squad have Reiner, Bertholdt, and Annie at 2nd, 3rd, and 4th respectively. Top of the class, if not for the exceptionally amazing Mikasa.

Meanwhile the other 104th squad leftovers are making their hasty retreat with the wounded. Man, a reminder where all of these guys are right now. Jean was last seen right after the final fight with the Female Type Titan, and is presumably still back in the city. Sasha is with a whole lot of civilians currently, heading toward society. Marco is dead. Alright, yeah, that’s all accounted for, as Historia and Connie are right here on the wall. The former is naturally worried sick over Ymir, as we all are, and the latter continues to be entirely clueless. Although god dammit Connie, you are seriously not making the whole reading process very light. You are hardcore working hard toward being the most sympathetic guy in the entire series. Everything you say just makes me feel SO VERY sad.

Dammit Connie. Dammit

Eren makes me feel much better though, for all the wrong reasons. He will simply never win a fight, will he. Magnificent. Though as he lays sprawled out on the ground, I have to mention how I like these monologues he gets into while in Titan mode. As people seem to become far more primal as a Titan, his innermost thoughts and feelings freely bubble up to the surface. In this case that Reiner is an utter shithead who needs go down. He may have his reasons and all, which I’m more than excited to find out about be it through a return to his village or otherwise, but man, has he been the source of so much grief. For all of his appearances, he’s always been the ever-strong individual when on-screen, and now reality is setting for Eren. You can honestly see his entire justification process in motion. Starting from last chapter’s incredulousness at yet another (TWO) of his friends being titans against humanity, into recollections of what he thought of the guy, all leading to acceptance of the truth and boiling of emotions.  This guy is the enemy. He has to be beaten, preferably to death.

Of course, that means nothing in practice.

As the Colossal Titan has his titular size, the Armored Titan is nigh invincible with his plated muscles. Mikasa can’t lay a scratch on the guy, and Titan Eren did no damage with the initial bomb dive. And in a moment where Eren digs deep down to his strongest desire to eliminate humanity’s enemies, visualizing Reiner as the ultimate evil, he’s all but prepped up for a surge of sudden power.




It’s never easy in this world, seeing as how it is so cruel and all. This is a whole ‘nother level above what Annie had to offer. While she could fend off attacks in specific locations through hardening, Reiner in turn feels like a full blown juggernaut. Maybe this is finally the moment when Eren is successfully captured? It’d be opportune, both with the flow of the plot revealing important titan secrets and the power these enemies appear to have. It doesn’t seem like Bertholdt is going anywhere quite yet, but I doubt anybody is going to just stop Reiner so easily. Mikasa seems all out of luck, so all we really have left are the minds of Hanji and Armin. But with limited supplies and resources, what exactly are these guys gonna do? They knew there was a distinct possibility that these guys were the ones, so I’d assume they’re not totally empty handed. At the same time though, they essentially rushed over here non-stop, so there’s a limit to how much they could have prepared themselves.

New PV within the next 24 hours though. The future is looking just a little bit brighter.


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