First Impressions: RDG: Red Data Girl

Episode 01

-The First Transfer Student-

Since this is the first episode, and I have a very bad memory when it comes to the names of uninteresting protagonists with a lack of common sense, you’ll have to bare with me and guess who I’m talking about at some points. Hopefully that won’t be too difficult.

First off; it is actually pretty good. I’m unsure on whether I should be worried about how much I think I might know at this point or not. By that I mean I’m worried that this is going to be very predictable based on how much was revealed during this episode. They haven’t actually revealed a lot, but to me it seems like it means so much more. The bullying, her spiritual hair powers, the guy who seems like a pretentious ass obviously kicking the crap out of mr. bully guy. To me that seems like a lot of potential plot, but it might all be a distraction. Which of course means a jaw dropping plot twist is waiting.

As for the characters.. oh God. So we have the protagonist, aka drama queen. But no, she isn’t. Even though she was making such a fuss over just cutting her fringe (or “bangs” if you want to be different for no reason), she actually had a pretty good excuse for being so dramatic. However this doesn’t make up for the fact she’s shy, docile, and completely socially inept. One things for sure, she’s better than Kobato (yay I made a reference).   ..Sorry.

Anyway, not much for her at all right now. Obviously she “can’t help it” but until we get the proper reasons and she perks up, she’s in my bad books. That means no presents, respect, and the death penalty. There’s a few other possibly major characters introduced, I forget their names because they suck, but if you’ve watched it you know who I mean. Oh yeah, and the love interest. He seems to be one of those high horse moral guys at the moment. Like that guy from Kimi ni Todoke, but less cool. I really need to learn the names of these people.


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