Review: Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Seriously, what is there to say about Sakurasou that hasn’t already been said? It’s your typical rom-com, and everyone should know exactly what that genre entitles.

So instead of this being a typical review, I plan to say why this is a good rom-com. You NEED to know that this is a rom-com and you need to be wanting to find a good one to enjoy this show, because if you aren’t, it could become relatively…y’know, difficult to fully enjoy. It takes the cliches and problems that plague the genre, and whilst it doesn’t go out of it’s way to avoid them, it does a good job of using them to it’s advantage.

That’s where Sakurasou’s strength lies, to be honest. You have more cliches than you can count on both fingers, and more characters that fall for the male lead than would ever realistically happen. The biggest problem with this right now is how the genre itself turns people into fawning objects that exist only to obsess over the male lead and nothing else, this one takes the characters and leaves them as real characters.

It does have everyone going towards a dream, and a dream that they can only see and only understand for themselves, but it does a really wonderful job of showing us what all of this is and what all of this causes for people. Infact, it’s that very element that causes this show to have enjoyment outside the comedy and outside the romance…it’s the story. And that’s incredibly rare for a rom-com.

I honestly don’t have anything else to say at this point, since…well, since i’ve said it all time and time again in my previous posts. Sakurasou is a great show, and as a great show, it deserves a lot of credit for being simply enjoyable and fun to watch, and although it has it’s hiccups and it’s problems, that doesn’t mean that it’s worth overlooking. Anyone who wants to see why the school rom-com feature is so highly praised should probably start here.



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