First Impressions: Hataraku Maou-Sama!

Episode 01

-The Dark Lord of Sasazuka-

Seems like this is going to be the comedy of choice this spring.

I’m really impressed with this. More than anything else so far this season, actually. Starting off it looked like your typical mediocre battle anime mixed with some Dragon Ball style combat. Thankfully this didn’t last for long, and our dark lord Satan, aka Maou-Sama, has to retreat from his world and ends up in Tokyo. This is where the real show begins. The plot seems to be interesting, although I can see it being one that doesn’t go anywhere for a while so it can focus on other elements. Mainly Maou’s and Ashiya’s development as they get used to life in Tokyo. Speaking of that, it’s quite interesting how they showed this. At first they can only speak their own language and have to learn Japanese; it’s hilarious how they reacted when someone managed to understand their Japanese. It’s small things like that, that make a comedy good.

It’s weird how the two of them are living together and Ashiya acts like a guardian of sorts, trying to get Maou to stop wasting his money. I don’t really have any complaints about it so far, other than this girl at the end. Emilia the hero. Seems pointless to me that she followed him through to Tokyo. What could she possibly do? She’ll be living with him by episode 2 so it’s all really just to have a female involved in the story. I’m hoping they don’t go back to their own world though, I really don’t like battle anime at all. It reminds me way too much of garbage like C3. On the bright side, it seems like Ashiya has no chance of figuring out a way for them to get their magic back, so it looks set to be a constant real world comedy with hilarious faces, references, and jokes throughout.


Long story show, show surprised me in the best possible way. They played the cards right for the first episode, makin’ it a great mix of playing the concept straight while making fun of it as well. The studio behind has some good works to its name, which pretty much shows with the quality of animation. Bonus points to directing, which took the time to lay the set-up which pretty much made the rest of the episode hilarious. And that’s my two cents. Cool show.


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