Review: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha


So with all the lack of blogging from mostly everyone, I thought I’d describe why. It doesn’t take a genius to explain to everyone that the quality of shows were lackluster this season – MMY is a great example of that, though at least it tried.

MMY deals with many themes: human nature, love (not really), the value of life, war, peace and the economy. On paper it looks like a pretty good show. To be honest, the premise doesn’t sound all that bad either. Basically we’re introduced with someone who is only known as hero and someone who is only known as demon queen. I thought it was rather peculiar they decided to do this, but I guess they’re simply trying to show they’re only fitting the character archetypes. Basically, the demon queen and the hero make a contract in order to help end the war that’s going on.

The show itself sounds interesting if I were to diverge into what happens in the war. It is true that often time’s war is great for the economy, and this fact is pounding into us over and over again. If the war ends, then the economy will go down the tubes. The demon queen’s plan is to end the war through peaceful means and improve the economy in another way.

You see, this seems rather interesting. Unfortunately you may as well just read a synopsis on the show. The dialogue itself had little substance. For anyone who things this show is good, how can you? It barely showed you anything. Most of the show was watching a bunch of rich nobles or merchants talk about the war and economy. They didn’t show is the deepest depths of human nature, except on one occasion where we got to see two slaves basically begging to survive early on… coincidentally I thought that was the best part of the show. It tried to be Spice & Wolf but failed miserably.

The show suffers from that problem way too much. I really believe people who found the themes interesting and therefor rated it highly is because they don’t realize it’s NOT good storytelling. You need to show your audience these things rather than just explain them. Could you imagine if your favourite show just explains the things that are going on rather than showing them?

I thought maybe the show itself was too ambitious right from the get-go. Another thing that annoyed me was that it pretended to be deeper than it actually was. Yes, even I was fooled by all the talk about potatoes and nonsense about the economy. I was finally able to realize that this show was just a show with high ambitions but a low budget. After the shounen walrus entered, I felt like something epic was going to happen. I mean, he’s a freaking demon walrus! What’s not epic about that? He was taking out entire platoons by himself… or at least that’s what they told you(lol). They actually managed to build him up as a monster… but that all ended when he was just a shounen walrus. He was taken out by the knight easily and it made everything else in the series seem cheap.

It took away all sense of “deepness” to me. It’s a show with high ambitions but next to no substance. The small times where they actually showed things like human nature were the best parts… not when they sat around and talked about it. I guess I should conclude here, since there’s not a whole lot I can say other than this show didn’t exactly show me anything. I know all the history behind industrialization and all that, but MMY really just felt like they were listing events.

Not to mention there wasn’t near enough interactions between the demon queen and our valiant hero, the humour was all over the place, the art looked terrible at times and the last episode was all over the place. I’m still not quite sure what happened but I don’t care to find out.





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