First Impressions: Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru

Episode 01

-Thus Their Misguided Youth Begins-

I’m just going to call this Machigatteiru Oregairu because the name is stupid as hell.

The plot kinda reminds me of Medaka Box. Surprisingly, it isn’t because the female leads are both egotistical & apparently perfect know it alls. Machigatteiru Oregairu is basically about a “public services club”. Unfortunately you can’t become a bin man by joining. The club is there for people to visit when they need help solving a problem. They don’t just solve the problem for them though, they show them how to solve it themselves. Looking at the title of this anime I’m wondering if the club will be the main point of it for the whole or not. While the plot is clearly nothing to get excited about, the only thing that actually annoys me is how morally high this Yukino girl is. Instead of just accepting things how society sees fit, she has to go onto some speech about how people are fake and all that crap. Just shut up, you’re baking cookies, not fixing world hunger.

As for the male lead, he’s awesome. He’s a bit anti-social and hates people; but he can talk to people so he’s not completely awkward. That makes him seem like your typical moron but the way he talks to Yukino & the red head chick whatever her unimportant name was is pretty cool. Yukino is pretentious and thinks she’s amazing when quite clearly; she isn’t. Being one of those girls who’s really popular yet doesn’t want to make friends. Ugh, kill yourself. There’s not really much else to say about this. Overall the episode was pretty funny at times, but it’s nothing you’d want to get excited about.


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