Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. Episode 1

Episode 01

-My Little Sister Can’t Come Back Home Again-

Although it’s late, the second season of Oreimo is finally here. Just like season 1, it’ll be shown to us over 16 episodes.

As soon as it begins, we get a cute mini Kyousuke and Kirino! Omgggaawww they’re so cuteee. I love how they do it. It’s like the moment Kirino turns into a total bitch and starts hating Kyousuke. Turns out it was all a dream (or more likely, a flashback dream), and Kyousuke wakes up on his bedroom floor. Seems familiar. Isn’t this an opposite dream to the one at the beginning of season 1? Well, it may be. It might also be that this dream is a lead up just like last seasons. You know, how eventually she was a bit nice to him. Well this time she’s mean to him, again. The misleading title is, well, misleading, because she can come home, and she has come home. Luckily for all of her tsundere fans, she’s still ignorant and obnoxious towards Kyousuke, and still talks to the disgusting creature that is Ayase. Before we get into that, let’s have a moment of silence for the recap scene showing Kirino coming “out of the closet” to Kyousuke about her collection, as well as them becoming friends with Kuroneko, and well, maybe being nicer to each other. Because all of that is a waste, and it may as well have never happened. Kirino hasn’t changed, one bit.

I wouldn’t mind; Kirino’s character is pretty good. It wouldn’t make sense to just make her the perfect little sister (or just a decent person, if you want). The thing that makes it potentially bad for us viewers, is that Kyousuke actually had his hopes up that she’d at least acknowledge him and maybe be nice just once every 10 insults. Poor guy, honestly. He comes in to talk to her but she obnoxiously ignores him and obnoxiously shouts talks to her obnoxious friends on the phone. In fact, she seems even worse than I remember her from last season. But oh well! It might be because of the cold bitch we’re shown next. Yeah, Ayase is here.. hooray. The one uppity snobby .. girl .. that I just can’t stand. On the bright side, Kanako is also there. How awesome. Well I admit I did forget about her completely and still don’t remember her properly but she’s cool now and that’s all that matters. Her sarcastic remarks towards Kirino are amazing, it’s just a shame Ayase has to ruin it. I hope someone wipes that smug grin off her face. Maybe when her little secret is out she’ll learn not to be, um, herself.

Well, surely the rest of the characters that are back for S2 are all lovely. Well, no. Manami is back. And nobody, I mean NOBODY, likes Manami. Why? Because, again, nobody likes anime girls who wear glasses, have huge breasts, and have a childhood crush on the protagonist. They’re annoying, they interfere, and most of all.. they’re annoying. Not even going to say any more about her. In fact, I might just leave her out of every future post. Unless she dies. That will be a very long post. Carrying on, Kyousuke decides to get deep with Manami – not in the way some of you would like either. He tells Manami about his disappointment that Kirino hasn’t changed. Minami helps by.. um.. oh yeah, she’s a useless bimbo so she doesn’t help at all. Moving on!

Kuroneko finally makes her appearance, and is still calm and collective even after some questioning situations between her and Kyousuke. For those who forgot, or didn’t watch season one for whatever reason; Kuroneko kisses Kyousuke at the end. Yeah that’s a big deal in anime so, it’s cool. Anyway, Kyousuke seems a lot more awkward than her, and acts quite unusual. I’m surprised that he got all happy about it though, this means he likes her, right? I never thought that would happen, but it makes a change from all the docile protagonists who fall for nobody. He even steps up and asks her what she meant by the kiss. Oh yeah Kyousuke you the man. As you can imagine, just as she’s about to shyly tell him, some daft hoe runs in. Who the hell even is this girl? Oh she’s the BL lover from last season. Why is she not dead? Why does this anime have so many nuisances in? Either way, we won’t know what it meant for a while now probably.

Who remembers Kyousuke’s life advice for Kirino then? Everyone, obviously. Well naturally, that all begins again this season, starting with a slap to the face of a sleeping Kyousuke. No mercy shown by Kirino as she drags him down to Akihabara to “advice” her. Which in Oreimo terms is carrying her shopping for her. Yep, it’s beautiful. Me & Kirino are so like-minded it’s unreal. That all pretty much sums up episode 1. It’s a nice intro episode, and does it’s job well. All the characters are half introduced, and we get into the essence of Oreimo with that trip to Akihabara. Excited for episode 2, and I hope we get more information on the Kuroneko situation.


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