First Impressions: Sparrow’s Hotel

Episode 01

One room please. King size bed, for an extra long weekend.

Sparrow’s Hotel is the best 3 minutes of your life. You can argue that menial things such as marriage, childbirth, and other unimportant non-relationship related ideals may also hold the best times of your life. Well, your argument would be wrong. In fact, unless you haven’t watched the masterpiece which is Sparrow’s Hotel, you won’t need to argue, because you’re already in agreement.

After the 6th time I watched this, I started to get bored. That’s not what I said about Sparrow’s Hotel. After that 3 minutes of heaven is up; you’ll smile, wipe the gentle sorrowing tear from your eye, and wonder when you’ll ever be that happy again. Of course, the answer is right now. Sparrow’s Hotel can be replayed countless times, so happiness is only a click away. Sayuri Sato is the star of Sparrow’s Hotel. Her insatiable desire to provide happiness to the hotel guests is purely beautiful. Strong, considerate, amusing, and puts the hotel before dates. Truly an employee of the year. Although she can’t make a bed, so that may be a problem.

I could go on and on about all the redeeming features of this anime, but that would mean overriding the 5 billion character count limit. I will say this though; yes, I am looking forward to episode 2.


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