First Impressions: Suisei no Gargantia

Suisei no Gargantia


With the new season underway, we’re met with what I think will be a sleeper hit.


SnG is pretty peculiar – I’ve watched it twice but I have no idea where it’s heading. We start off with a character named Red (pokemon ftw!) who knows nothing but war – being in the military for 16.5 years I can’t help but feel he is modeled off Sousuke from Full Metal Panic. He’s not too interested in being away from the cockpit of his mech “Chamber”.

The episode opens from a spectacularly animated battle. Although I felt a little overwhelmed by all the military jargon, upon watching it for the second time I realized how much effort went into this. We don’t know too much about what they’re fighting, but they look like some space flower… things… I guess.

Red and his fleet are soon overwhelmed, and Red is left behind. He was sucked into what looked to be a black hole and was apparently in hibernation for 6 months on an unknown planet. This planet is inhabited by people that look just like him, though admittedly far more primitive. The rusted environment is a great contrast from what Red’s used to – “ancient” as he put it.

After he’s discovered, Red makes his escape by grabbing the girl nearest to him in fear of them opening fire. After some nifty maneuvers, banter between him and Chamber and talks of fornicating with his mother he’s finally forced to surrounded outside – but not before Chamber makes a grand entrance. Red was astounded by his environment, as I’m guessing he has never seen the sea or sky before. Chamber then informs him that he is on the planet where humanity originated.

I’ve always loved these kind of stories. We don’t know too much about the characters or story but the setting is absolutely wonderful. I got a Miyazaki-like feeling from watching this episode… is that too far? Something about seeing the rusted interior of the place they were at, the crisp sea, sky and even space made it feel very life-like to me. I’m loving the atmosphere it gave off.

Where are they, anyway? Did Red travel back in time? Travel through space? or maybe through space-time? It wasn’t really explained, but I’m guessing Red is just as confused as I am. We’re not given a timeframe of when this is, though I’m hoping we do. How are there still humans left on Earth? So many questions – let’s just hope SnG can elaborate on them.

I’m pretty sure Mimi will be covering this, but next to AoT, SnG is the best thing airing this season. Hopefully the next episode will give us a good idea of what the plot is – or at least gives us a chance to meet the others besides Red and Chamber. I pretty much loved this episode.


2 thoughts on “First Impressions: Suisei no Gargantia

  1. Great first impression Justin, and thanks for covering it!

    What this show definitely has going for itself is the light show and the OST. It has an interesting premise too, but my enjoyment will largely depend on the characters this time, so I hope that they will grow on me. More than anything, I’m curious about Gen Urobuchi’s signature dark twists… What’s gonna happen here? xD

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