Devil Survivor 2 The Animation Episode 2

Monday’s Turmoil 1

This was much more in line with the game, even though it didn’t exactly follow the script word to word…and as such, it did a much better job of controlling and handling things.

An awful lot took place in this episode…the introduction of JP’s, the apocalypse and then the demons appearing in populated areas.

Let’s start with JP’s. They’re a secret organization based underneath the Diet Building, and they fight against the end of the world…in this case, the Septentriones. One of them comes every day of the week to destroy the world as we know it, and the one that was defeated last episode was Dubhe. In introducing JP’s, however, we meet Yamato and Makato, with one being the grey haired badass in a trenchcoat and the other being the strong woman we met last week. They may not win any awards for innovations, but I can’t deny what works.

As for where our main characters come into this…well, as far as Daichi and Io come into it, they aren’t involved at all. Yamato has next to no real use for them at all, and they just serve as backup to Hibiki and his immensely powerful Byakko. DeSu2 doesn’t exactly go into details and say this, but it’s what you get from reading between the lines – something I really enjoy seeing in anime.

Next up came the destruction of the city, and as our trio steps outside into the sunlight, they see just how much their civilization has been destroyed and how little of what they know remains, and it’s been nailed pretty well in this episode. They don’t focus too much on the bleak stuff, but they don’t just ignore it, making sure to show the episode from Hibiki’s perspective. It’s a very well done situation, and I can’t congratulate it enough on how it nailed the atmosphere and used it just how it wanted to. It gives a real human element to the sci-fi of demons invading, and that’s helped even further by Makato’s inner conflict over JP’s. However, no time is spared to dwell on that, as demons attack the chapel where people are staying.

It’s a pretty standard sci-fi battle, and Byakko is clearly made out to be ridiculously overpowered…a tiger shooting lightning bolts at ravens and the like is perfectly normal, and well…yeah.

This second episode did a lot right, bridging the gaps between the first episode and the first day of the game, but there have clearly been some cuts made to things to suit the fact that this is a one-cour series. A member of the cast is missing, and Hibiki’s been given the model progantist…not at all what he was like in the game.


One thought on “Devil Survivor 2 The Animation Episode 2

  1. I’m not really pleased about Joe missing, but I get the feeling he’s gonna appear in the most fantastical way like one shotting a Septentrione or something crazy like that, haha. As for the cuts and rewrites, they are a bit better than I imagined they were going to be, instead of straight up condensing things from the game.

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