Hataraku Maou-Sama! Episode 2

Episode 02

-The Hero Stays at the Demon Lord’s Stronghold for Work Reasons-

Dark lords & heroes turning into drama couples and creepy earthquakes are surely the perfect match for a great comedy.

We start off where we left off, naturally, and Emilia decides to threaten Maou with a knife. A 100 yen knife, to be exact. Maou sure knows his kitchen utensils – especially the bargains. Chops lettuce, and humans! Of course she has to resort to this type of weapon since the transportation over to Tokyo has taken her magic too, as well as her sword. Hilariously, the two get pulled in by the police for fighting. Emilia is just great though. Boldly admits to attempting to kill Maou, and luckily the cops mistake it for a lovers quarrel. It’s nice to see less predictable scenes in a comedy. Not the lovers thing, that happens in near enough every anime. The fact they aren’t accustomed with Earth’s rules and laws means some pretty unique scenes can be made. It’s also quite amusing how Emilia is acting towards Maou. If you watched this without knowing who they actually are, you’d assume Emilia is the villain, trying to pursue Maou who has done nothing wrong and only wants to live an ordinary life.

Well, Emilia, or rather Emi as she’s known on Earth, criticizes Maou for him living out a commoners life when he’s supposed to be a dark lord. The hypocrisy is far from subtle when we’re shown Emi working at a customer care call centre. Walking home from work in her suit, picking up commodities on the way. She realises this though, exclaiming that she’s no better than Maou. I’m going to be honest, I couldn’t care less if they just lived normally here and didn’t have to do any of that fighting crap. It’s funny, and keeps me interested based on menial plot line, it doesn’t need anything else. Emi decides to spy on Maou only to realise he doesn’t even do anything remotely evil or take any step forwards to regaining his position. He’s literally just trying to be promoted to a full time employee because, for some reason, he thinks this will help him to take over Japan. If only he knew his societal worth right now.

In other areas, Maou’s co-worker Chiho is one of the less annoying characters to get a crush on the lead. She’s actually pretty cool, and yeah, it’s clear she has a crush on him. Or maybe she’s just an overprotective friend, worrying about him if he happens to live with his “girlfriend”. Nah she definitely has a crush on him. Speeding ahead because there’s not really much to talk about for this episode unfortunately; Maou & Emi are attacked! I don’t know by who, I don’t know why, but it’s all very unexplained and weird. I’m not much for stuff like this because it clearly leads to fighting, and I just want to laugh please. Apparently they were shot at by magical bullets, so it’s got to be someone who slipped through to Tokyo. Although we were clearly shown Emi being the last one in so.. hmm. We’ll find out eventually anyway.

Emi stays over at Maou’s because her house too far to walk to at night, and Maou receives a weird text warning him about another earthquake. How unusual. Chiho also texts him asking what she should do about it. So she also got the text warning her about an earthquake. Pretty interesting so far. It’s been funny, and the scene with Emi crying for Maou to let her in was great, as well as him being the typical ignorant boyfriend (not that they’re dating) when she came into his work place. Hopefully the anime doesn’t become too dark. I noticed as the episode went on it became darker and darker (no, not because it turned to night; it’s setting and atmosphere). Keep the humour, drop off the antagonists magical bullets, and I am happy.


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