Karneval Episode 2

Fortune Cat

Karneval episode 2

 I’m still confused as to what the heck is going on in Karneval, however it seems things are beginning to make a LITTLE more sense now as we head into the second episode. That being said, it’s still as crazy and as wacky as it was in the first episode. But… As the name implies, we weren’t going to end up getting something normal when we started watching this, were we?

I apologise for my lack of posts recently: As Alex mentioned in the First Impressions of Karneval, I’ve been away for a week and without proper internet access to write posts. However, I do hope to start posting regularly again now that I am back and I am looking forward to being able to review and post about Karneval for this spring season.

Back onto topic, and wow. Episode 2 is certainly action-packed yet again. So much seems to happen within only 20 minutes, much like the first episode, and it often leaves you completely stumped, confused, baffled by the end of it. But a feeling of wanting to see more at the end of it. That’s how I feel about Karneval at the moment.

Episode 2 is basically the episode in which Karneval beings to piece together the foundations and basic information of the anime, and yes, it is beginning to make a bit of sense now in my head too. The opening was pretty good I suppose, just something to note, and I guess it fits the theme of the anime pretty well. Anyway, we start off in a derelict and empty warehouse, where Nai seems to be dreaming about something (also, am I the only person who is reminded of Nezumi and Shion from No. 6 slightly when looking at Nai and Gareki?). Obviously about Karoku, and this Karoku person does seem to be very mysterious. I can only assume Karoku must be a childhood friend of Nai at this point, but I do find it odd how Gareki has just decided to take on Nai and carry him around. And who exactly is Nai? What is he doing? Who is Gareki?! Who is Mine?! Was Nai a slave or servant for Mine?! What… Ugh… So many unanswered questions it makes my head want to explode, but I guess we’ll all find out in due time. It doesn’t help Nai talks all weird too, and I’m a bit puzzled as to why he keeps insisting and going on and on about this Gareki chap, and how Gareki can talk about him so freely. Doesn’t he have any questions to ask too? Well, either way, it seems Gareki is a mysterious and shady a character himself too – probably a rogue or a thief of some sorts – and would rather keep himself to himself.

Anyways, Nai wakes up and is hungry, so goes out to explore the town. Elsewhere, it seems the mysterious Hirato we first met on the train is at a meeting with another strange unknown character, I believe. They seem to be discussing the events of last night with the train and whatnot. The world is a bit odd in Karneval… The Circus organisation seems to be like some group of vigilantes, or like a police force, and when they create havoc and disaster in this world, they throw a carnival… and open a circus tent and show performances to the public as an apology, something along the lines of that. Can you imagine that in real life? The answer: No.

Naturally, Nai wanders around the town and in the carnival. Gareki had gone out to buy food for Nai, so when he comes back to the warehouse and notice Nai isn’t there, he quickly storms off to look for him. A huge parade has taken over the streets of this small town. Children are going crazy for a strange character named Nyanperowna. Of course, we can expect hopefully more of this Nyanperowna character soon, after a group of men begin to chase after Nai and trample over Nyanperowna. Watch our for Nyanperowna’s revenge, meow! I wouldn’t want to feel the wrath of an angry, but also a very kawaii cat much like him… Or her. It seems the group of men are from another organisation, so I have gathered, and are probably chasing after Nai after he revealed his ability of supersound hearing so it seems, and that the organisation must want him for… Whatever reason. Maybe to bring down the Circus? Oh, who knows. It’s still too much for even me at this point in time. I cannot even fathom as to how someone could even create such a crazy anime. They’re in hot pursuit of a boy with supersound hearing amidst a large parade recessing down towards a massive circus held by a defense force for the country. what.

We notice Tsukumo, the girl with the blonde hair performing in the circus, whilst Hirato sits back and monitors the performance, probably for anyone like the other organisation to bring down the circus. I can only presume that the man on the phone to Tsukumo after the performance is the poor man that got trampled on whilst in the Nyanperowna suit.

Gareki and Nai meet back up again, and finally the men find Nai again, tazer Gareki so he is sent to the floor, leaving weak Nai to defend himself. And he honestly does remind me of Shion from No. 6 at this point. I can’t really compare the two anime well though, but for some reason, the two characters are really alike… Appearance and personality wise. Nai looks around desperate for help when… Nyanperowna? What. what… I’m… I’m so confused by this point. I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Nyanperowna saves the day! Um, well he doesn’t really. It seems the two men quickly run off by this point. I mean, who wouldn’t be terrified of a talking cat wielding weapons named Nyanperowna at that? Anyway, the chap underneath the suit happens to be named Yogi. Yogi and Nyanperowna are very alike. If Yogi were an animal he would definitely be Nyanperowna.

Anyway, Yogi is here to pick up Nai and Gareki to the Circus ship. It seems we are reaching a point here where the two organisations are going to end up battling it out for who can keep Nai. Although, he’s so weak and pathetic: No offense!

They reach the ship and these small weird creatures come to greet Nai and Gareki. Nai, being the carefree fellow he is, greets the little beings with a “Tadaiima!”. Gareki seems to be holding back. It’s way too uncool for him. I can kind of empathise with Gareki. I mean… I would be… Confused, shocked and trying to hold back a little if I were in his shoes. This whole Circus organisation seems way too weird for me. The anime can go from happy happy cheerful rainbows to deathly pursuit and tense fighting scenes within 0.2 seconds. Or both at the same time. And just work so well.

Hirato basically explains to Nai and Gareki what we already know about the Circus organisation or what we have gathered. Maybe this is to clear things up for the people still lost as to what’s going on amongst the chaos. Anyway, as they say, the Circus is an organisation and a defense force that helps prevent crimes in that… country, or whatever world they may be in. However, they are unlike any other kind of ordinary defense force. They tend to deal with “special” crimes. And I am probably beginning to think at this point, they mean by dealing with the hideous creature Mine they found yesterday. Also the train incident. Things like that. Maybe… Top secret missions. Either way, the Circus seem welcoming of Nai and Gareki, but they are worried that Nai and Gareki may have absorbed some of Mine’s blood… After she transformed into that hideous monster. There are other monsters too, much like Mine. They seemed to be called Varuga. You would have thought this anime would have been a little less creepy like that since by the looks of it, it’s supposed to appeal to more of a female audience what with the bishies… But anyways.

It seems Varuga could be targetting Nai and Gareki after the incident, so Hirato informs other members of the Circus to ensure they don’t venture out the ship.

Nai and Gareki share a room together. Gareki wants to go out and go shopping, because he’s bored… But, of course, Yogi tries to stop this. Hide and seek! They can play hide and seek! YEAH, and Yogi, you’re 21 years old and still playing hide and seek? Gareki just seems to realise this is a hellish idea, although Tsukumo, the mysterious blonde haired girl at the back decides she could make the game more interesting and more competitive to suit Gareki.

So the group all play hide and seek. Remember what I said? About how this anime can go from goddamn serious to lighthearted and happy to tense fight scenes within seconds? Yep. Yep that’s what happens again. Nai falls down an escape shoot by the looks of it, so of course strange Varuga are targetting him and blah blah, turns out that the others manage to find him and they all get caught, Nai tries to stop them but is too weak and suddenly one of the strange creatures on the ship manage to teleport him back and that was the end of that. It wasn’t really a fight scene. And it had the potential to be pretty good. But ended up kind of just being boring.

Back on the ship again, and things are back to their normal selves. Well, normal to us. Normal in the Karneval world is just goddamn wacky and bonkers in this world. Yogi insists that they all take a bath now… When suddenly, Nai has the strange hearing again, and… Karoku? Huh? What? Not the mystery again… Who is Karoku? Who is Gareki? Heck, who is even Nai? So many questions that Karneval leaves us wanting more.


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