Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. Episode 2

Episode 02

-The Onii-san I Trusted and Sent Off Can’t Get This Addicted to a Mobile Dating Sim and Commit Sexual Harrassment-

Oh my God Ayase, Kyousuke is totally into you.

But is Ayase into Kyousuke? It’s a common opening to the episode, where you think the girl is going to confess but it turns out she actually hates the guy and only wants to use and abuse him as usual. Ayase wants Kyousuke’s advice, and of course it’s on the topic of Kirino. What girl goes to their friends brother for help? This pretentious upstart does. Because hey; she’ll get what she wants, and will Kirino find out? No, because Ayase can threaten him. Oh lord the predictability is disgusting. Anyway, she wants advice because, wait, she doesn’t ask for advice at all. She asks him a favour. She’s even more stupid than I thought. Yeah Ayase hates the fact that Kirino is obsessed with a new game, and talks to her in-game girlfriend more than she does to her. So she’s pretty much just jealous. Kyousuke’s task is to “do something about it”. I mean you know, because Kirino will totally listen to what he has to say right?

Thankfully, this episode is surprisingly saved by Kirino, who is beyond cute during her scenes this week. The way she acts when she thinks Kyousuke is interested in her game, is unbelievably cute. I think I remember why I loved season one so much now. Kirino’s game of choice is “Love Touch”, and as you can imagine, Kyousuke “lends” it from her. By that I mean he’s forced into playing it, more or less. Thinking it’ll be boring, he starts it up and soon becomes addicted. He seems even more creepy than Kirino was when he tells his in-game girlfriend that he loves her. But hey, don’t let this keep you entertained, because Manami is here! To do what? Oh you know, ruin everything. That’s all she’s good for. She catches him playing the game, and.. sigh, tells Ayase. Why? Why on Earth would she do that? Interfering characters are by far the worst. So yeah Ayase goes crazy with Kyousuke and he ends up showing her the game and what he’s “researched”.

Apparently, Ayase is just like the girl in Love Touch. Same voice, and she looks like her. Kirino is neglecting Ayase because the girl in Love Touch says cuter things to her than the real Ayase does. So to win Kirino back, she has to say cute things. Well damn, if only I knew that was the key before! No, how ridiculous. Luckily, Ayase isn’t as stupid as you’d think, and doesn’t believe the nonsense. I also hope Kyousuke was joking. Minami decides to try the cute dialogue on Kyousuke and fails miserably, coming off pretty creepy. Well she would since she’s grade A trash. Hilariously, Ayase actually tries the dialogue too, after she played the game herself. It’s good how Kyousuke finds it funny too, so we know he was joking, thank God. Anyway, turns out Ayase took the yandere route and doesn’t realise how scary she looks. Not good when you’re trying to be cute. Kirino tells her she’s being creepy and, she runs off. Great.

Another short post, there’s not a lot to talk about during early episodes it seems. Got to admit, I wasn’t much for this episode. It didn’t feel like Oreimo usually does. The same humour and charm that helped me hand it a 10/10 just wasn’t there. It’s probably just because it was focused around Ayase, there was no Kuroneko, and Manami isn’t dead. Hopefully next episode will be a step up, and I’ll be able to feel that Oreimo vibe I love so much.


One thought on “Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. Episode 2

  1. Huh, you didn’t like this episode? Personally I really loved it! It did made me laugh a bit too… O-or rather way more than I actually should have. ^-^”

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