Pokemon: Best Wishes 2 Episode N Episode 9

Team Plasma’s Aspiration! The Manipulated Pokémon!!

Team Plasma, or namely Ghetsis, appears to have several plans and schemes in several fields, as he orders his team to continue hunting down N, along other things.

Back with our heroes, N is preparing to say goodbye to the trio, yet upon arriving at the city, reports of a rampaging Haxorus stop the farewells. Upon hearing this, Iris decides to take it upon herself to search for said Haxorus, and ends up running into none other than Looker. All the groups seem to be in place, as even Team Rocket has shown an interest in Team Plasma’s activities.

It’s not long until Iris and the group run into Haxorus, except if it wasn’t for N’s intervention, the Haxorus would have flat out attacked Iris. As N reveals that the door to it’s heart is closed and Looker’s radio wave blockers are ineffective, things look pretty bleak. It’s pretty clear that subduing it is the only course of action, but the moment Iris sends Dragonite out, Colress decides to target said Dragonite as well. With a rampaging Dragonite and Haxorus on the run, it’s up to Dento and Satoshi to attempt to subdue them. However, the plan is that whilst the trainers are busy fighting, they’ll restrain N.

As N and Colress have their confrontation, Team Rocket decides that it’s the best moment to appear on the scene, however, as all parties are distracted, N tries to reason with the rampaging Pokemon once more, yet getting hit by a hyper beam and flamethrower. However, the moment N is injured, a pair of females approach in the middle of the newly summoned fog, and take his unconscious body somewhere where Team Rocket appears to be unable to follow. The ending’s pretty unusual, but it leads to a pretty interesting future here, as they plan to go into detail of N’s past.


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