Hataraku Maou-Sama! Episode 3

Episode 03

-The Demon King Goes on a Date With His Junior in Shinjuku-

Things are starting to heat up dramatically, and romantically in Hataraku; and I think I may actually welcome some action.

Last week left us with what could potentially be massive plot information, but you know for a fact we aren’t going to get to that straight away. This is a romcom, who cares about plot? Nobody, especially when the only love interest is 4’9” and clueless. Hear voices in your head? Go confide in your fellow uneducated co-worker! I’m sure he’ll know what it is. Well, in this case, and this case only, he does. You’ll have to excuse me for totally screwing over the people who haven’t actually watched the episode. They’re almost as clueless as brain in breast Chiho right now. Let’s start from the beginning, which actually is quite plot significant. It’s the aftermath of the shooting, and nothing exciting is really happening other than the odd joke here and there. Until; Emi gets a weird call while she’s at work, and it’s apparently from whoever it was that shot at her and Maou. Whoever this guy is, he or maybe she, is scary, and wants to wipe out both Maou & Emi. It’s voice kinda reminds me of L’s in Death Note during the TV.. thing.. why am I writing this. Anyway, you’d assume this person was from the other world, but if it wants to wipe out both Maou & Emi, then it’s.. hmm. I’m going to go ahead and say Traitor. I have a feeling it was the guy who “didn’t get in on time” when Emi rushed into the gateway to Tokyo.

Back to business, because you don’t watch a romcom for story, you watch it for comedy. Let’s face it, only a fool would go into a romcom expecting a decent romantic story these days. Sorry Sakurasou. Emi has to go down to the police station to vouch for Maou’s identity after he’s traced from his bike. Another scene that would make you think Emi was Maou’s dramatizing partner occurs, and it makes me wish shows like Toradora still aired. Even Ashiya gets bought into it, who seems to be playing to brother-in-law role. Apparently, a proper demon general has to keep his fridge stocked up with food at all times. What a burn. You know they’re getting too used to and familiar with life in Tokyo when Ashiya gets incredibly upset over an empty fridge. Someone needs to read a copy of Good Housekeeping.

So yeah the earthquake stuff. Chiho and Maou agreed to meet up, go on a date, or if Chiho was a feminist, Maou could come and kiss her feet with his wallet open. Equality, in dominance. No. Luckily, Chiho offers to pay because she’s such a sweety, but Maou is nice and says he should pay. Going to add that Chiho was actually pretty cute during the pre-events of the date, as well as the initial meeting. It’s rare that I find the typical big breasted 4’9” girl to be remotely decent in character. Maou, being the demon lord, obviously has great taste in date locations, picking out a beautiful restaurant in underground Tokyo. During this lovely sophisticated meal of upper class wear on one occasion clothing, Chiho confides her deepest secret with him. She can hear voices. Apparently, trying to contact her. The voices are in the demon language, which she’s never heard before; yet she can understand it. These voices were trying to warn her about a “big one”. Presumably, it was referring to an earthquake. Maou tells her not to worry, as he has a guess as to what it might be. He thinks it’s sonar waves causing the previous earthquakes, which are used to contact Maou, or Emi, from their world. That was a terrible explanation, sorry. Shame you’re not getting another one.

When suddenly oh my gosh we’re out of the drama and into the drama (the other drama), the romantic drama. Yeah we’re in it. Chiho is about to confess when a wild Emi appears out of nowhere, believe me you would think she was wild, and interrupts it with her opinionated views on the disgusting existence which is Maou. Chiho really needs to backhand this skank. Emi talks down to Maou and warns Chiho of him being evil, but Chiho isn’t having any of it. After all, Emi is just a jealous ex. Chiho stands up to Emi, God knows how with that one year supply of melon weighing her down. Before the fight initiates, the earthquake happens, and it’s definitely a big one. Emi and Chiho are trapped in the debris together, with no sign of Maou or Ashiya. Suddenly Emi is being nice, because well, she’s a hero. So I guess she has to be when someone is in danger. Anyway, she puts Chiho to sleep with magic and shouts to Maou. What a beast. He comes breaking through the rocks and is in his demon form. He actually looks pretty cool. Emi considers killing him with the last of her magic while he is distracted, but she’s stalled. Maou is trying to save both Emi & Chiho. Oh the bravery, the surreal moment of a demon lord trying to rescue people. Emi is totally going to fall in love with him.


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