Karneval Episode 3

Phantom Picnic

Karneval episode 3

As Karneval answers some questions, it opens up more and more, yet again even in this episode. Drama unfolds, friendships begin to break and test each other, and new dangers are met.

I am still confused with Karneval. In fact I feel like there’s too much I can’t even begin to comprehend why certain characters act certain ways and why they say certain things, etc and etc. Especially between Gareki and Nai over the whole Karoku thing. The two have only just met and act so close like they have known each other for so long and like they are friends. I would have thought Gareki would have been the type to remain aloof from others and not like to consider others as being friends, but I feel maybe I have been proven wrong. The two have a strange sort of affinity and the pair stick together well. Why do Gareki and Nai stick together and choose to stay with one another? I mean sure, they probably need to keep together after what happened at the massive mansion and where they first learned of the Varuga but… Gosh. I can sense the fangirls squeeing already.

Or I can sense them crying. Because just at the beginning of the episode we see Gareki and Nai arguing and having their first fall out. The pair do seem like quite an unlikely couple anyway, as friends or as… Lovers… But we can see maybe there is some sort of feeling of trust between the two of them after all, as the doctor looking after Nai tells Gareki. Gareki sits on Nai’s bed, having to wait and look after him, when it seems Nai is having a strange dream. Of course Nai himself is still an odd character and there is clearly something not right with him, and we do learn why eventually later on. In Nai’s dream, we can still hear this Karoku person, telling Nai that he should leave Gareki because he is going to expose Gareki to scary things just by being with him and that he will end up being scared. Either way, it seems that Karoku is quite the protective type over Nai! At this point, I’m beginning to think maybe Karoku is a jealous boyfriend type of Nai? Or maybe he’s a brother? Long lost childhood friend? Anyway, great foreshadowing from this dream. It’s almost goddamn predictable as to what will happen. The two quickly make up (awww) and become friends again.

This episode really did lack it in the action department. It had none of the crazy vibe to it that Karneval usually radiates when you watch it. The end of this episode though was a great opportunity to start something good and I feel the plot is going to get moving again next episode. The only “crazy” or laughable thing out of this whole episode was probably Yogi’s hilarious reaction to the strange doctor that he took Nai and Gareki to visit. I presume that they took Nai and Gareki to this specialist doctor to find out if they had any of this Varuga blood in them. I mean, it seemed like a pretty stupid thing and they could have just completely skipped this scene out, however, we did learn something very interesting about Nai this episode: That is an… Animal? He’s a Niji, or something. A cute little creature that kinda reminded me of like the Moogles from Final Fantasy for some reason. Anyway, I’m not quite sure, however this does add to the crazy feel of Karneval and really lands you back into the world of crazy after all the serious talk and serious plot development, and reminds you that is, well, still the circus. In fact I feel like we haven’t seen much of the other circus members, all until today when we met a FEW of them as it seems many important members of the organisation gathered for a meeting about Nai and Gareki, the new and mysterious members of the freak sho- CIRCUS. And I would like to meet more the characters, since many of the people in the show have very eccentric personalities and are very unique compared to well, many other anime characters. I like it. And I wanna meet more Circus members later on.

Anyway after the tests on Nai and Gareki are completed, the doctors want to test Nai’s capability of his Niji traits, such as the supersound hearing. They take them off to the Niji Forest (honest, it KIND of reminded me a little of the Nopon Forest from Xenoblade) and enter through mirages and let Nai lead them off to areas in the forest where he may have some memories. Heck, even I am a bit confused as to what is going on here. Nai is from the forest? Well yes sure, he might be a Niji, but we have never established this properly before, or am I missing something? I mean by the looks of it Nai hasn’t got exactly a good memory if he can barely even recall his relationship with Karoku. Anyway before long, BAM! A Varuga appears, and Yogi begins to try and fend off the creature from defenseless Nai, whom we assume would mainly be after what with his supersound hearing. However! We soon notice that as Yogi can no longer fight off the Varuga any longer, that the Varuga grabs straight at Gareki and disappears with him!

And at this point, I am beginning to think that there is more to Gareki than this solitude and serious attitude he always carries. Sure, he may have come from a poor background, but I think Gareki is hiding a secret that he can’t tell, and the Varuga have worked this out. I mean, maybe if he comes from a poor background, he’s had to be the one to always defend himself and fight to keep himself alive but… What is he hiding? And who exactly is Gareki?

Either way, my feelings on this episode are mainly just well… Nothing. I am neutral really. This episode was rather, more like a time for us to try and learn more about the characters and to take a break between the madness, but honest, I don’t think they achieved that well and I constantly found myself trying to snap back into attention and keep watching so then my post on this would actually make sense so then I could understand it, but then again, I’m sure we are still all a little confused. It was surely a good pause between the action, but I am honestly missing it, and this episode left me feeling a little bored. Sure, it was interesting to learn more about Nai’s background, and I know that it is still only the beginning of the anime essentially, but I am honestly looking forward to hopefully another action packed episode next week.


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