Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. Episode 3

Episode 03

-My Friend Can’t Take Off Her Glasses-

I’m beginning to wonder if Oreimo is actually trying to make me dislike it.

This will be a short, quality lacking post as I’m pretty disappointed with the episode. I apologise.

You’re probably already thinking that I didn’t like this episode at all. That’s partially true, because it’s just like I said last episode; there’s no Oreimo charm. Whatever that is, I’m not sure how to describe it, but it’s definitely not there. Although the episode wasn’t terrible. As a stand alone back story, it was pretty decent. That’s the problem though. I watch Oreimo for what probably the majority of other people watch it for; Kirino, Kyousuke, and Kuroneko. Saori is one of the more important side characters, but seriously. A whole episode? I would have preferred half. Anyway, I don’t want this to be a complete rant of a post, so let’s get on with it.

The episode starts, and much to my joy, all 3 of my favourite Oreimo characters are standing together. They get a whole minute of screen time before um, who the hell is this? Even Kyosuke agrees with me. I, and him, have no idea who just walked onto screen. Well, it’s Saori. Without her glasses. She looks, so so different. It’s probably because she doesn’t have those ridiculous clothes on as well. And so the back story begins. Kaori, Saori’s older sister, takes her to a place called “Pretty Garden”. For some reason, she has an AK47. I.. okay. I thought she was planning on shooting up the apartment for a second and maybe, just maybe this episode was going to be very fun. Maybe that would be a tad too extreme for Oreimo, though.

Saori is pretty weird as a kid. Wanting to die because a guy saw your face is.. well, moving on. We meet Katana who introduced Kaori to otaku culture and all that crap. Saori seems to want to spend more time with her sister here, but all Kaori does is ignore her, so Katana becomes her sister, so to speak, and plays games with her. So then of course Kaori becomes jealous, and leaves to live with her man in a mansion. How lucky. This leads to the group disbanding, unfortunately, and Saori goes after Kaori, blaming her for it. She looks pretty smug about it too. It’s kinda harsh on her, and it’s never explained why she was like that. I guess she’s just mean.

Less than 10 seconds later, and Saori is suddenly a lot taller. She gets emotional, Katana cheers her up, she hands her the legendary glasses which only make you look like a fool. I am bored. I’m honestly bored. So this is basically the point from season one where Saori finds Kirino and Kuroneko, to try and set up her own circle. I’ve got to admit, now that I know what happened beforehand it does seem a lot more important. Back to the future we go, and Kirino plus the others are in Pretty Garden, admiring it. It’s also now where Saori lives. But oh noo.. Kaori turns up, and so do the others. Pretty weird for her to do that, especially on Saori’s birthday. Nothing special really happens, it’s all pretty lack luster and you won’t get anything out of it unless you treasure menial ideals. I think their reactions to Saori saying they were going to cosplay slightly made up for the rest of the episode, though.


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