Suisei no Gargantia Episode 2

Planet of the Beginning

It looks like the plot seems to be shaping up a little bit.

First off, I just wanted to point out how gorgeous this series looks. The colours are incredibly varied right up to the red marks on the girls’ skin… Heh. I hope it can keep up this quality, because this series is simply beautiful to look at.

I’m guessing everyone won’t be happy-go-lucky, as Red killed dozens of people at the end with no hesitation. It really gives you an idea of how dangerous Chamber is and I can’t say I completely trust them yet to protect Gargantia. Maybe I’m thinking too much, but I believe crisis is about to hit the main cast.

Speaking of the main cast, we still don’t really know much about any of the characters. We know Amy has a sick brother who’s pretty smart, and the girl with the boobs is a girl with boobs. Red and Chamber are still keeping up an interesting dynamic.

My favourite part by far this episode was showing how Red uses Chamber to communicate. Instead of using a cop-out like most series(call this what you will – it is not a cop out), they decided to go with Chamber translating everything. Chamber himself is becoming a character in my opinion – a good one at that.

So now we’ve established our setting – turns out Earth was abandoned long ago due to it freezing over. After everything melted, it looks like small colonies of humans have survived. Like I said in last weeks post; I freaking love stories like this.

I’m only wondering what direction the series will take. I’m guessing the people high up in the alliance know about Earth’s existence, but maybe the writing won’t be so obvious. The plot is so interesting to me that I don’t think there will be enough episodes to tell this story.

Why do I feel like the moe girl with the pet squirrel thingamajig is sugar-coating a sad world where people die tragic deaths? Well, it’s hard to ignore that Gen Urobuchi is involved here. I’m expecting his signature dark twist to throw us in for a surprise any moment now…

Admittedly, I don’t feel as gung-ho as Justin, but I agree that this series is attractive for various reasons (light show battles, colorful characters, Red’s hotness…). The OST is also worth mentioning, as the classical insert tracks are good enough to listen to on a rainy day. This episode continues to build up the setting, such as introducing the ocean lightbugs that provide people with electricity. Now that’s pretty creative. The more different this Earth is from ours, the more interesting it will get.

My first impression of the characters is that they’re just okay. None of them truly stand out except for Red and his talking robo. But to the show’s credit, Red is more interesting than your typical mecha anime protagonist (an angsty teenage kid), because of his battle experience and wit. His mecha is also a character, which is refreshing (and I should start calling him Chamber). Plus, the moe girl is not as annoying as I thought she’d be. I just hope that the characters will continue to grow on me throughout its short span of thirteen episodes. Whether or not that will be enough time for the characters and story to develop well is too early to tell.

I’ve also had a chance to check out the other mecha anime airing this season. Majestic Prince is just goofy/nonsensical with Gundam Seed character designs, and Valvrave the Liberator is like the Gundam Seed formula all over again. Compared to them, Suisei no Gargantia feels the most unique and serious. Episode three is out now, so I’ll hop on that as soon as I can!

It feels good to be back… ^_^


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