Chihayafuru 2 Episodes 7-16

Episodes 7-16

Alright, so I’m back and covering this. Unfortunately the series has been dragging ass lately.

Look, I love Chihayafuru. I’m starting to really like karuta as well. I don’t know much about it, but I did see some videos. Holy shit, the speed class A goes as isn’t exaggerated at all. I felt like it wasn’t humanly possible to be that good at karuta – I was wrong.

However, with this season, it seems like they’re focusing too much on unimportant matches with useless side characters. The only one I could see us seeing again in the future is Megumu, but even so, there was a ridiculous amount of focus on her. Not to mention those cameramen, the geek squad and fake lǎowài. The matches in the first season seemed more important so far than what they’re showing here.

Not only that, but just now I’ve realized they’re using the same formula. OMG, they’re so fast! *YAWN*, please, I wanna see more varied matches. How can you possibly keep being surprised your opponents are fast? Not to mention the long shots of the shocked crowds with their jaws dropped and the copious amounts of crying afterward. It’s just getting old, Chihayafuru.

On the other hand, Arata and Chihaya have been in the same damn building the whole tournament and they still haven’t run into each other. It’s getting straight up frustrating to watch this weekly when they keep teasing us with what we want to see.

So in short, I’m still enjoying this, but a lot of the stuff that’s happening seems like filler. Hopefully we can get to see more matches we want to see rather than putting in useless side characters and spending too much time on them.

The worst part is, even though this has been dragging ass as of late, it’s dreadfully slow and they had a recap episode…. Oh brother.

Oh, and I think I’m the only one who likes the eyelash girl. Anyway, let’s get these episodes out of the way so I can go to watching it weekly.


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