Hataraku Maou-Sama! Episode 4

Episode 04

-The Hero Feels the Warmth of the Heart-

I wish there was a replay button purely for Ashiya.

We start with the aftermath of last weeks earthquake. Emi desperately tries not to fall in love with Maou and Ashiya desperately tries to gain forgiveness from someone who really doesn’t care. He’s such a good housewife though. If I was attracted to men, I would date Ashiya. Only because he’s obedient of course. You know what I hate though? Back story. In case I wasn’t clear enough on the countless times I’ve complained about it. Sometimes it’s necessary, sometimes it’s pointless. Most of the time it’s beyond pointless. So pointless it makes me wonder if they’re only using it as a filler. In which case I’m disgusted. When it is necessary, though, I still refuse to let it take up half the episode. Why should it need that much time? It doesn’t, it’s filled with build up and even filler characters. Filler characters, build up, in a flashback. Why? Just get to the point, I mean, seriously. Rant over; Hataraku is pretty nice with it’s flashback. It’s all about Emi and how she used to live on a farm on Ente Isla. How sweet.

Her mother was an angel, her dad was a farmer, she’s the only “human” on Ente Isla who can defeat the dark lord, Maou. This is right before the dark lord invades Emi’s home land, and so she’s taken away for training while her dad is slaughtered by an army of demons. Farm life huh. Emi is now raging with fury and wants to kill Maou for slaughtering everyone (mainly her dad), and trains to the max. She fails, and almost everyone goes to Tokyo. Yes, almost everyone. Now we’re back to current time, and Maou is back in his human form. I don’t know if he could change off his own accord or not but, whatever. The biggest plot twist of the century occurs; Chiho’s dad is the chief inspector. If Maou ever was interested I think he should be quite turned off now. We also find out that the earthquake was an attack on Maou and Emi, since it hit directly where they both were. A small shout out to Ashiya, who is hilarious, and deserves his own show.

Chiho decides to prove she’s the most adorable thing in the world after seeing Emi and Maou together in his um.. apartment.. room, thing. I feel sorry for her since she’s clearly upset and totally in love oh my. But at the same time she doesn’t even listen to them saying it isn’t what she thinks, and runs off. It isn’t as if Emi being there meant anything. Oh well. Anyway, regardless of her overreacting, the way she does it is just pure cuteness. She’s still definitely one of the best of her character types I’ve seen. After she runs off, she’s replaced by a different girl. Or woman, rather. Miki T comes outta nowhere and scares the hell out of us. Especially Ashiya. His reaction is gold; I played it back so many times. Much to my surprise, Miki T (labelled as “the fat woman” in my notes), turns out to know about the earthquakes, and everything about Maou and Emi. I wonder who she really is. Just kidding; I don’t care. Maou and Emi didn’t seem to make much of a big deal out of it, so hell, why should I?

Another earthquake hits, and Maou goes chasing after Chiho who may be in danger. I think she may be fine though, since she’s run into some weird creepy guy with camp hair. Ahh. Turns out it’s Lucifer, the dark lords general. What the hell is he doing here? Did he not die? It’s pretty cool anyway, as long as he doesn’t cause too much trouble. Hopefully he’ll conform and join the others in part time jobs and general Tokyo life. Again, a brilliant episode of Maou-sama!. It’s really above my expectations right now, which is great.

Also, sorry for the lack of extra screenshots, been having some difficulties recently.


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