Karneval Episode 4

Flightless Wings

Karneval episode 4

Again, a lot to take in this episode, but as we meet more characters and learn a little more about Gareki’s home life and Karoku’s identity is finally revealed, I sense trouble’s about to go down any minute now.

Karneval has pleased me now, and I think things are about to get going again soon. After last week’s somewhat slow-paced episode (compared to what Karneval is usually like), I was not at all disappointed this week as drama begins to unfold. In fact I really enjoyed it, it’s like I’m beginning to understand a bit more and beginning to question the anime a lot more. Whilst there’s some understanding, there is still a bit of mystery, and that’s what I like about Karneval, and I get the feeling one day everything’s going to click and everything will link together all at once, and I am still desperately waiting for that moment.

Either way, Gareki is saved from the strange Varuga beast, they call it, by a beautiful, goddess-like woman throwing jewels and all sorts of gems at the beast. It seems kind of like a weird attack or whatever, but it seems this lady is from Circus also: Her name is Iva. Is she the lady we saw at the parade who spoke to Nai before he was dragged away by those mysterious men. Anyway, Gareki, Yogi and the newly-joined Iva reunite again with Akari-sensei and Nai. Nai seemed to be incredibly worried about Gareki, but was also more concerned about the small injured animal again, that look rather like a Niji… But… Wasn’t? Gah, I dunno. Either way, even though Gareki was almost swallowed up and KILLED by a Varuga only a few moments ago and was being carried around by Iva since he was injured, he suddenly struggles away and seems able to walk now as the group all proceed into some sort of cave. But…. Why? I don’t get it. Is Gareki secretly a pervert and pretended to be injured just so he could be carried around by the beautiful Iva? … Anyway, let’s not question it. The cave is actually a home to someone… Nai and Karoku. MAYBE NAI AND KARAOKU WERE LOVERS? Either way, the cave does seem like a strange place for a home, and it was all fully equipped with bed and trunks filled with possessions, but it seems Karoku has already taken his leave from the cave. I am a bit confused by this, since I don’t think it is physically possible to live in a cave but… Oh well. Nai seems to be having a flashback and we get our first glimpse of Karoku. He looks rather unlike Nai, with a gentle and pale face and light blue hair and eyes, with a sweet smile. He does look like a good fatherly figure for Nai, but what confuses me is that he lacks the red eyes and white hair Nai has. Surely if they live in the Niji forest he would have white hair and red eyes and be a Niji too? Either way, they find a small hole in the cave and find a strange book tucked away there. Could this be a clue towards Karoku and Nai’s real identities? But it surprises me how Nai is so vague and doesn’t even really remember much about his home nor can recognise this book but can lead the group around so easily. There is something suspicious about Nai, but I just don’t know what it is.

We also, during this scene, see Karoku laying on a bed. He appears to be in a mansion of some sort, and we see the young girl with the pink hair throwing a tantrum over Karoku in the garden to a butler maybe? It seems the young girl is a bit of a yandere for Karoku, but either way, it appears that Karoku too has moved on much like Nai has and maybe he’s joined part of another family, like Nai also has? Oh, who knows. By my thinking, I think that Karoku and Nai had to be evacuated from the Niji Forest a long time ago, due to a fire (which would explain the hidden and slightly burned book in the cave) and had to move in with new families on the other island, hence why the pair have split up. That’s just my prediction, but at the rate Karneval is going at, anything could happen.

The Circus group all meet back up on the beach for a typical obento picnic. Hirato calls Yogi and Yogi asks if they can take Gareki over back to his home island too,  after they trekked around the whole of the Niji Forest. I don’t particularly understand why they are going through with visiting both Nai and Gareki’s home lands, apart from their own sake, but what is it for their benefit? To maybe gain more information on the two? Nai just seems to be well, Nai, so it’s hard to really understand that boy, and Gareki is probably too mysterious and too stubborn to tell Circus more about him. Either way, Yogi takes off with Nai and Gareki back to where Gareki lives.

It literally is exactly how Gareki described it to Nai last episode, but I never thought we would actually see his hometown in the anime. Anyway, the village Gareki lives in appears to be very poor and dirty, so a little bit more realistic than the quirky home of Nai in the Niji Forest. We are greeted by Tsubame, who is apparently Gareki’s “sister”. After an incident happened a long time ago when there was a shipwreck on a boat Gareki was on after he was sold by his parents (probably so he could become a slave, so at this point I’m beginning to wonder what kind of time period or what kind of place Karneval is set in), and Gareki was taken in by a young lady named Tsubaki. However, it seems some sort of incident happened where Tsubaki was killed after abandoning a man who she loved, who was giving them strange pills and medicines to give the two children (Tsubame and Yotaka), for an experiment he was conducting. No one knows who Tsubaki was killed by, but it seems that these two children, even after they have grown up, are still acting weird, after Tsubame runs up to Gareki and says she killed a man in the street. At first, my thinking was that maybe it was Tsubame or Yotaka who killed Tsubaki. i mean, after they under the influence of these strange pills and medications, they space out and when they wake up, blood is everywhere, and it looks like they’ve killed someone. Whether they intentionally killed Tsubaki or not, it seems like it is something they cannot control, meaning it could have been Yotaka, the boy. Yotaka was mysterious, especially when we first encountered him and almost attacked Gareki, Nai and Yogi, and I have a feeling that this boy may have an evil side to him too.

Yogi, Gareki and Nai all head off to bed, but Yogi can’t sleep. He wakes up and sees Tsubame walking by the window. Something fishy is going on – is the girl spacing out again? Either way, Gareki and the gang all run off to see what’s going on, when they encounter a body on the floor, with strange scratch marks on their back: Identical to the one Gareki saw on Tsubaki. He turns around to see Yotaka standing there, blood on his hands, and yet again we’re left on a cliffhanger. Could it be that Yotaka actually was the one who killed Tsubaki, and why was it? Was it because of Gareki? And why, what are these drugs doing, why are they influencing these two children and why have they not worn off? It looks like a fight is about to go down, and maybe Gareki is going to be the one ending up with blood on his hands this time.


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